Virtual PBX. What Do You Need to Ensure High-Quality Communication?
Virtual PBX. What Do You Need to Ensure High-Quality Communication?
09-Jun-2016 08:20

Virtual PBX. What Do You Need to Ensure High-Quality Communication?

The companies have long begun to move from the traditional connection to VoIP-telephony but today there is another new trend. In the corporate sector, it is becoming more popular to use the so-called "cloud" or virtual PBX. This solution is very advantageous for companies since it allows saving on communication and does not require the purchase of equipment.

The service provider takes over the responsibility for the VoIP-equipment control. If you want to upgrade the PBX or buy new devices because of compatibility issues, the provider takes care of these concerns. Accordingly, the company has a minimum of routine duties to handle, which relate to telecommunication, and employees can focus on more important tasks.

However, the management of some companies is in no hurry to move to the hosted voip. The limiting factor for them is doubts about the quality of provided communication. It is quite natural that potential users of cloud PBX have a logical question to ask: how can they be sure of the proper quality of service if the equipment is out of the client's visibility? It is possible to ensure reliable and uninterrupted communication if you follow a few important rules.

High bandwidth

Using the virtual pbx voip, you must provide sufficient bandwidth for the network so that voice traffic is transmitted without data loss. One VoIP-call uses about 90 kbits per second. Accordingly, using 1 megabyte of Internet traffic, you can safely make about 10-11 calls. You can determine the required amount of network bandwidth by multiplying the maximum expected number of calls by 90 kbps. You also need to take into account the transmission of video traffic - this requires sufficient bandwidth. Therefore, it is recommended to provide the bandwidth, which is 3-4 times more than that based on the initial estimates.

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The router with QoS support

Application of carrier-class QoS router will allow you to differentiate traffic. With this device, the priority will be given to a particular kind of traffic passing through the network to prevent delays and loss of data packages.

Reliable internet connection

It is recommended to use cable or fiber optic high-speed connection - DSL for high-quality voice transmission.

Reliable and secure data centers

The cloud data center, which houses all the equipment for VoIP, should be close to major Internet backbones. Data protection mechanisms, such as traffic encryption, should be also provided for a virtual PBX.

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