13-Oct-2014 14:30

Technical advice to the mailing lists


We have already written about how to properly do a mailing to improve their quality and efficiency. Led the metric on which is built the reputation of the sender. Talked about the interface postmaster Mail.Ru, with which they can be monitored. Many companies, as being in its infancy, and rather large, ignore these rules, with the result that the problem starts with the deliverability of letters, the proceedings with the service and technical support, etc. But we hope that you do not belong to their number.

So, your project is gaining popularity like users, you're going to stay in touch with them. You are familiar with the administrative requirements (which we wrote about earlier) and are going to responsibly and spam-free newsletter to arrange for those users who are willing to receive it. Or maybe you're just going to set up corporate e-mail. Pick from distribution mail server, write a script and run ... 70% of recipients of the letter was not delivered, 15% of it fell into the folder "Spam", and the rest can not read what is written in it. About what to do to prevent this from happening, I will try to explain in this article.

Why then can not work "out of the box" and requires some additional recommendations? E-mail - one of the oldest Internet protocols, which survives to this day virtually unchanged, but has acquired a huge amount of related standards and nowhere documented practices application. In the standards themselves e-mail is not incorporated any sender authentication methods or prevent unwanted spam mail and spam. Therefore, any mail server performs a number of additional checks to weed out unwanted messages (which can be more than 90%).

We have compiled a list of tips to help you go through these additional checks. Many of the recommendations listed below are not mandatory, but the more of them you follow, the more likely that problems with the delivery of letters will not arise.


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