GoAntiFraud is a cloud service for efficient GSM Termination Completely operational and proven techniques to improve your VoIP GSM termination

  • Extend the lifetime of your SIM-cards:

    Complete set of tools to protect against SIM-lock.

  • Simulation of human behaviour:

    Imitation of SIM-card movement, generation of incoming calls, time slots to activate SIM-cards.

  • Computerized SIM-card operation:

    Generation of SMS and USSD requests for automatic top ups and tariff checks.

  • Special modules to increase your income:

GoAntiFraud has been operating in the market for more than 8 years. We develop software that simplifies the workflows in VoIP GSM termination business and allows increasing its profitability thanks to the capabilities of our system. Today our software is used by more than 2000 clients who work in 32 countries of the world.

  • Would you like to start a business in the field of GSM termination?
  • Are you interested in VoIP technologies?
  • Are you looking for promising projects for investment?
  • Did you try yourself in VoIP termination, but perhaps you were disappointed through frequent blocking of SIM-cards?
  • Maybe you work in GSM termination but would like to increase your profits?

Then GoAntiFraud is the perfect solution for you. We have ready-made business packages for both newbies and professionals in the field of GSM termination, proven tools for protection from SIM-blocking and the ability to create any software for your business needs.

What is the advantage of GoAntiFraud for your business?
  • Effective simulation of human behavior to mask SIM-cards from antifraud systems and extend their "life";
  • Automation of most routine work processes (topping-up, uploading and offloading of SIM-cards);
  • Remote control of equipment from anywhere in the world;
  • Access to exhaustive statistics on the operation of SIM-cards.

The clients who use our services note a significant decrease in the frequency of the SIM-blocking occurrences. We help our clients not only to maximize their profits, but also to run their business safely.

Why do people
trust us ?
  • We are the official authorized partner of the GoIP GSM gateways manufacturer.
  • We provide 24/7 technical support to your business.
  • Every client is assigned a personal account manager who helps understand all the nuances of working with the service.
  • We provide our clients with contacts of proven partners who supply the voice traffic.

With GoAntiFraud you can run a profitable and safe business in GSM termination.

Start your GSM termination business with GoAntiFraud
The beginners in the field of traffic termination immediately face many obstacles, since this market is quite specific and requires certain knowledge. We offer you professional assistance in opening your business project, which will allow you to avoid mistakes and immediately begin to work effectively in the VoIP termination field.

For the beginners, we have ready-made NewBusiness solutions. We offer you opening a "turnkey" business, therefore our packages offers include everything you need for starting up: a set of equipment, software for work automation and convenient tools to bypass AntiFraud.

Start UP Light - $1300
If you purchase the START UP LIGHT package, you can get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
Start UP - $1900
If you purchase the START UP package, you can get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
DeLuxe - $5600
By purchasing the DELUXE package, you get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
DeLuxe Plus - $6700
By purchasing the DELUXE package, you get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
Ultimate - $10500
You are welcome to buy the ULTIMA package and get your equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...

Profitable business packages for VoIP GSM termination

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Packages offers from GoAntiFraud for corporate clients
Increase your GSM termination business by ordering a comprehensive Corporate Solution from GoAntiFraud! Choose the most suitable package for yourself - Start Up, DeLuxe, DeLuxe Plus or Ultimate and get the best opportunity to appreciate all the possibilities of the service. You can also buy GoIP equipment from us at low prices.

You will have professional advice from GoAntiFraud technical specialists at your disposal and proven tools to protect against the SIM-block. Also, within the framework of licenses for corporate clients you can use additional modules - SBO traffic optimization, Offline SIM Card Operation, Call recording, IVR (allows reducing the number of short calls and improving ACD statistics) and many others.

ULTRA Start Up - $1280
ULTRA DeLuxe - $2560
ULTRA Ultimate - Individual price

Special offer to increase your profit in GSM termination

Standard licenses for profitable GSM termination
Already have the equipment? Choose a standard license for your business needs

Standard license type
Buying the Start license will allow you working with 16 channels. Read more...
(up to 16 channels)
Buying the Optimal license will allow you working with 32 channels. Read more...
(up to 32 channels)
Buying the Progressive license will allow you working with 48 channels. Read more...
(up to 48 channels)
Buying the Enterprise license will allow you working with 64 channels. Read more...
(up to 64 channels)
Online Support + + + +
Call Recording - + + +
SBO Traffic Optimization - - + +
1 IVR - - - +
Price per month $160 $320 $480 $640

Developing software solutions from GoAntiFraud for Effective GSM Termination
We will help you in creation of any software solutions


We are constantly improving the GoAntiFraud service, so that our clients can work as efficiently as possible in the field of GSM termination. At the same time, we realize that the functionality of the service sometimes may fail to meet the user’s individual needs in full. Therefore, our team of professional developers is ready to bring to life any of your ideas that concern the GSM termination software development.

  • Do you have an understanding of what kind of software will be useful for you to run the VoIP business?
  • Perhaps you are ready to provide us with the Terms of Reference so that we can bring your ideas into life?

The GoAntiFraud Software Development Department is ready to help you develop the software for your individual needs!

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