5 Efficient Ways to Bypass AntiFraud systems
5 Efficient Ways to Bypass AntiFraud systems
11-Jan-2017 15:51

5 Efficient Ways to Bypass AntiFraud systems

Experienced terminators know firsthand how hard it is to protect SIM-cards involved in VoIP termination. In some countries the numbers are locked in a couple of hours after activation.

GSM operators lose their income due to gateway owners who terminate international calls. Therefore, they are willing to invest a lot of money in the development of special software, aimed at identifying the termination. Antifraud systems operate using 2 methods that are analytics and calling.

Analytics involves determining traffic termination by comparing the "behavior" of a SIM-card and a real user’s behavior. The overall activity in the GSM network, including the number of outgoing / incoming calls, sending SMS-messages and USSD-requests, calls to "favorite" numbers, and so on are tracked. Calling systems carry voip-calls to the numbers taht causing suspicion among operators and block those which do take part in the termination.

For beginners in the field of voip termination services, we have prepared a few efficient techniques that will help you circumvent antifraud systems, and thereby minimize risks of blocking SIM-cards.

1. Competent approach to buying SIM-cards

In many ways, the risk of the SIM-block depends on how well you select SIM-cards, which will participate in the termination of calls. There are a few important rules:

  • Do not buy cards that differ only by the last digits;
  • Register SIM-cards on different people;
  • Do not activate all purchased SIM-cards at once, one after the other;
  • It is desirable to acquire numbers belonging to the actually existing subscribers who have used them.

You can buy SIM-cards from dealers involved in vending numbers for termination. Such proposals can be found on dedicated voip forums or in social networks.

2. The use of the SIM-bank together with the SIM-server

Using the SIM-bank and the SIM-server will allow you to use a lot of SIM-cards for termination and control gateways remotely. With the help of special-purpose software, you can virtually swap cards between gateways located in different areas, thereby simulating the movement around the city.

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3. Generating incoming traffic

In order to successfully simulate the behavior of a living person in GSM networks, you need to simulate incoming calls because the actual subscriber is to take calls. For this there are special programs that allow you to make incoming calls from one SIM-card involved in the termination to the other.

4. Creating the schedule of calls

A real subscriber regularly makes and receives calls. In order to simulate the behavior of a person, it is important to provide a plausible schedule of incoming and outgoing calls. During a day the activity should be high, as well as it must be minimal during the night. In addition, the schedule of calls must include a group of "preferred" numbers, that is, those with whom the subscriber communicates most often (the loved ones, relatives, and friends).

5. Connecting to GoAntiFraud

Constructing the activity logic of SIM-cards in the GSM network is difficult, if you do it on your own. To simplify this task, you can connect the equipment to GoAntiFraud. You will get access to the built-in SIM-server and SMS-server to efficiently simulate a real user’s behavior. We also provide tools to simulate the movement of SIM cards in the city and create a schedule of calls. Using GoAntiFraud service functions, you will be able to maximally protect your SIM-cards from AntiFraud systems and minimize the risk of blocking.

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