Business security for GSM termination — basic rules.
Business security for GSM termination — basic rules.
23-Oct-2020 08:03

Business security for GSM termination — basic rules.

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It is very important to ensure the safe conduct of the GSM termination business — it is not only peace of mind for the business owner, but also the opportunity to work stably and receive a constant income.

Fully securing yourself while terminating voice traffic is of key importance, both for those who are just going to deal with GSM termination and for those who are already doing business at the international level.

This question is asked by almost everyone interested in Sim boxing.

The rules may differ depending on the country, mobile operators, and other factors, but in general, these are the best advice on making GSM termination safer and more profitable.

1. SIM cards separate from gateways.

It is desirable to place the sim bank separately from the GSM gateway. This will allow you to manage all your SIM cards from one place. If only a gateway is located at the location, it will be safe and convenient.

2. The more locations, the better for GSM termination safety.

If you have more than two locations, you can configure SIM-cards in such a way that they will move around the city like a living person, this will significantly extend the life of the SIM-card.

3. The optimal number of channels per location.

The fewer channels at one location, the less the risk of being detected. You need to find a middle ground between the size of the profit and the risk of detection.

With 6-12 channels per location, your profit will remain stable and invisible.

4. The optimal number of SIM-cards for 1 channel.

The ratio of SIM cards per channel is an indicator that should also be optimal for earning and saving cards. The larger it is, the lower the limit that you can set for each SIM card per day. Finally, many SIM cards allow you to minimize blocking without affecting the throughput of your termination system. According to the experience of our successful partners, the number of SIM cards per channel must be calculated based on the specifics of the work and capabilities of the GSM operator.

5. Optimization of Internet traffic.

Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputer and SBO traffic optimization algorithm can be used. The device compresses Internet traffics by 3 times without losing the quality of voice data and also masks voice traffic from the Internet provider.

6. Use a smart solution to minimize SIM blocking.

You can use a solution from GoAntiFraud. The service provides a wide range of functionality for masking SIM-cards from Operator AntiFraud systems. Thus, you will reduce the cost of purchasing new SIM-cards, save time for downloading, and configuring them, which will ultimately allow you to fully automate your work.

In general, security for the terminator is not just an option, it is a set of measures to ensure stable operation.

Well, do not forget that, like in any other business, problems arise every day, and VoIP business owners must overcome them following the requirements of the GSM termination market, create new schemes and software updates.

So, without a doubt, the more invisible the GSM terminator remains, the safer it can constantly make a profit.

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