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Case Study: What's New in GoAntiFraud Patch 0.99.11?

07 Sep 2016 08:28
New GoAntiFraud Patch 0.99.11 makes the following upgrades available: Validation of types of expressions in action is added The validation of types of expressions is added to the edit of ussd messages, incoming SMS, as well as events. When writing an incorrect expression in the "ACTION" sect...

Case Study: What's New in GoAntiFraud Patch 0.99.09?

07 Sep 2016 08:11
GoAntiFraud has recently released a new patch - 0.99.09. It makes the following upgrades available: The user’ roles and permissions are added. Section "MultiUser" is a module for access to control an account to other users. To do this, you need only specify the username, password...

Case Study: What's new in GoAntiFraud Patch 0.99.08?

19 Jul 2016 16:36
GoAntiFraud has recently released a new patch - 0.99.08.Consider the main innovations:The SIM bank options window is added.From now on you can specify the SIM bank name and set a different password for the web interface of your SIM bank without having to re-add it.Change the GoIP SIM bank identifica...

New Features GoAntiFraud Mobile App 0.99

02 Sep 2016 14:05
GoAntiFraud has launched an updated version of the mobile app for Android. New output options for calls statistics are added to Version 0.99.In the "General Statistics", you can now view the duration of recent calls for a selected period of time, as well as ACD and ASR indicators (average duration o...

Case Study: Whats new in GoAntiFraud Patch 0.99.03-II?

12 May 2016 13:03
TheGoAntiFraud Patch 0.99.03–II makes the following upgrades available: Automatic scaling of columns based on the content Marking the replenishment code as successful (the code context menu) To add, you should go to the “Settings-SIM replenishment” tab. After you have selected a group,...

Case Study: Whats new in GoAntiFraud Patch 0.99.03?

06 May 2016 12:46
GoAntiFraud has recently released a new patch - 0.99.03 Consider the main innovations:- The status is added to the USSD / SMS historyNow, in the USSD history makes the status of the request visible:Answered – the request was successfulOptions not found - No appropriate options found in the USSD...

Case Study: Road map for SIM-card relocation in GSM network

29 Apr 2016 11:29
An important measure of humanity is a simulation of the physical movement of the card.You can set up the movement rules in the GoAntiFraud system using the "road map" tool.In order to create a road map, you should go to the "Config" - "Road Map".Click on the "Add Road map".To begin with, ...

Case Study: Lists of numbers as a protection against carriers calls

22 Apr 2016 14:21
What are lists of numbers for?As you know, some operators make calls to users’ SIM-cards in order to block them. This is called "carrier’s calls"The GoAntiFraud system has a mechanism that helps users to create lists of numbers that protect their SIM-cards against the carrier’s calls.This tool a...

Case Study: Tarification in GoAntiFraud

04 Apr 2016 10:25
Options and principles for automatic calculation of SIM-card balance without frequent USSD-requests in GoAntiFraud system. From this video you will learn how to set up the function of charging the balance of SIM-cards. Why is it useful for the terminator? Termination requires monitoring the ba...

Case Study: Generation of incoming calls

01 Apr 2016 14:35
One of the main parameters of human behavior, which Antifraud systems monitor, is incoming calls to SIM-cards: namely, the percentage ratio of incoming calls to outgoing calls. GoAntiFraud can help you simulate the behavior of a person for a given parameter. All you need to do is go to the "Tari...

Case Study: SIM-card bonus operation

28 Mar 2016 14:03
The video describes the basic operations with bonuses available on SIM-cards via GoAntiFraud, including the ability to change the tariff plan, bonuses availability monitoring for a SIM card in real time, setting limits on the use of funds from the main balance. These functions provide conditions...

Case Study: SIM-card operation schedule

25 Mar 2016 13:17
In the "Timetable" you can set patterns of behavior of SIM-cards to simulate the behavior of a living person. The schedule of calls is helpful to the terminator for scheduling calls, as close as possible to the schedule of the real subscriber who uses a mobile phone, and thus prevents the SIM...

Case Study: Channels status and what do they mean?

18 Mar 2016 15:54
The video explains the meaning of various statuses of GSM channels that are displayed in the GoAntiFraud user's personal account. The "Channels" window displays the current status for each channel: No SIM. It means that there is no SIM-card in the gateway. Simply insert the card into...

Case Study: Currency conversion in GoAntiFraud

11 Mar 2016 16:21
The HistoryThe client receives USSD-response on balance check in USD currency, but his tariffication is in a PLN currency. We should convert USD balance to PLN in order to count our expenses in the same currency.Client receives message like this: “Your balance is 25 USD” SolutionWe create a USSD-re...

Case study: Processing balance checks USSD-responses with floating point.

04 Mar 2016 15:36
The History “Your balance is 40 USD and 50 cents”. ” Your balance is minus 40 USD and 50 cents” Solution We need to create USSD-template for balance check and assign it to the active tariff. Using the power of regular expression, we can split the response with differen...

Case study: automatic bonus recharge

26 Feb 2016 16:50
THE HISTORY The client is using a brand new SIM-cards. To make calls termination with this card profitable he needs to request the bonuses from GSM-operator. Bonus price is 4000 units. Before cards will request bonuses they should not make any calls. After bonus will expire, the client needs ...

Case Study: Operational principle of the AntiFraud systems

21 Apr 2016 10:19
Today we are going to discuss how carriers can detect gateways and block SIM-cards, as well as how you can avoid this.If you have ever thought about how this is happening you may know that the card’s behavior in the gateway by default is much different from real subscribers’ behavior. Real subscribe...

Case Study: Traffic distribution with Carriers setup

15 Apr 2016 14:59
To diversify areas of your calls, GoAntiFraud makes "Carriers" settings available. All you need to do is to go to Config-> Carriers tab and create a possible direction for the call.To create a direction, you need to specify the area code and the number of digits.You can also add or remove digit...

Case Study: Basic principles of VoIP telecommunication

14 Apr 2016 10:46
Basic principles of VoIP telecommunication. Main participants in call transfer using VoIP technology. VoIP Server, proper software, Private Brunch Exchange system operation and purpose in VoIP termination. What is the VoIP Servers serves for? Basics of maintaining the VoIP Server and transferring ca...

Case Study: Basic principles of telecommunications

08 Apr 2016 08:53
The video shows the basic principles of VoIP technology. VoIP technology (Voice over IP – “Voice over the Internet”) appeared more than two decades ago and was used to transmit speech in compressed "packages" of information through the Internet. Initially, the transfer was possible only among...
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