How to Find Simbox Termination Providers?
How to Find Simbox Termination Providers?
26-Nov-2020 15:39

How to Find Simbox Termination Providers?


What is Simbox?

The Simbox (also called “SIM bank,” “SIM Pool”) is a device that holds SIM cards that can be accessed remotely. The main idea of a SIM Pool is to connect separate gateways with GSM antennas or modules and SIM cards. All SIM cards are in one place while VoIP GSM gateways can be distributed in different areas. Such deployment allows the insertion or change of a SIM card remotely on the VoIP GSM gateway at any time and enables the centralized management of a call termination business.

Simbox is using to terminate voice traffic, therefore this business is sometimes called Simbox termination. However, not all terminators use Simbox natively. As the traffic volumes increase, the terminator needs a professional solution for the more efficient operation of SIM cards, which is Simbox.

1. How to Find: Recommendations.

Recommendations are the best resource. You should become friends with people, who have access to those, who provide Simbox termination. Your new "friends" can be companies that provide different resources for gsm termination providers:

  • Voice traffic
  • Hardware (sim boxes, VoIP-GSM gateways, GoIP devices)
  • Software (soft switches, bandwidth optimizers, open-source telephony platforms)

2. How to Find: VoIP Groups in Socials.

The first recommendation is to join a few groups in socials (Facebook, LinkedIn) that are associated with VoIP. Like Voip Gsm Termination - Telecommunication

Before joining a group, pay attention to the number of members. This number will show how popular this group is. Once you’ve joined the group, you’ll find a complete member list on the page “Members.” As a group member, you’ll be able to send a private message, even if the member is outside your network. You can interact with other members by asking for recommendations of wholesale VoIP providers publicly or in private by contacting more active group participants.

3. How to Find: VoIP Forums.

Additionally, there are many VoIP forums where providers can place their buy and sell ads for VoIP routes. We don’t consider forums as a reliable source for finding a grey termination provider, but it’s still worth mentioning as one of the alternatives.

4. How to Find: Complete Solution from GoAntiFraud.

Of course, one of the most reliable options is companies that provide packages for starting a turnkey Simbox termination business. For example GoAntiFraud. In this case, you get everything you need at once: equipment at a good price, software, and reliable partners supplying voice traffic. As well as 24/7 support and a personal account manager.

Start UP - $2000
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Ultimate - $7920
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