How does VoIP work? Example GSM gateway GoIP 4
How does VoIP work? Example GSM gateway GoIP 4
02-Dec-2015 14:12

How does VoIP work? Example GSM gateway GoIP 4

GoIP 4 VoIP GSM gateway is the next powerful device to build a corporate IP-telephony. It is designed for companies that want to have additional lines of mobile communication available. It has 4 slots for mobile SIM-cards and therefore supports 4 simultaneous communication channels. It works in conjunction with the IP PBX. At the same time, users should log in using VoIP softswitch. Each of the four channels are individually programmable, with IP-PBX providing communication.

The device is compatible with the main protocols: RFC 2327, 2833, 2976, 3261, etc. It also supports Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), and many others.

MGCP is used to transmit VoIP voice, implement files similar to PSTN, in accordance with the Softswitch call. The principle of operation is similar to H.323. While Transport Protocol (RTP) provides the transport stream.

MGCP offers an advantage to centralize the gateway when converting signaling packages switching a signal, as well as a synchronization of calls by sending specific commands. Thus, the user is notified in time that the receiver is picked up, as well as GSM VoIP Gateway GoIP 4 is connected or disconnected.

The protocol is also indispensable during gateway connections, especially using CRCX, DLCX, and MDCX included in MGCP, providing control of the connection operation. It interacts with the UDP port 2427, supports AUCX, AUEP, DLCX, CRCX, MDCX, EPCF, NTFY, RSIP, RQNT. It sends command for RQNT request notification, EPCF endpoint configuration, NTFY messages, RSIP re-launching, etc.

Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) delivers video and audio information via IP; it provides a functional feature to send information and entertains, including media streaming (video conferencing, telephony, Web-Push and TV-services). It functions paired with RTCP. The latter, unlike RTP, is used for monitoring the transmission quality and statistical data, and manuals on synchronization of multiple streams. RTP Protocol is the main technical basis for voice transmission via IP. It typically transmits data through a lot of addresses. It provides the main audio standard. However, TCP is not used in applications. RTP TCP offers reliability and timeliness. Some of them are designed to operate together with UDP, the other RTP are designed for multimedia transfers of DCCP, SCTP. RTP and RTCP operate in tandem. The latter is used for the quality of service QoS. Bandwidth is 5%. In order to code information, RTP additionally applies H.245, H.225, Jingle.

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Key features of GoIP 4GSM:

  • Supports 4 GSM channels.
  • Two 10/100 Ethernet ports for LAN and an additional device for the local network, its equipment and the transfer of files.
  • Guad GSM band module: GSM 850 MHz. It supports 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz, and 1,900 MHz
  • 4 mobile frequencies can operate within one to four ranges from, depending on the country and continent.


It is appropriate for corporate communication of medium businesses. Given the relatively small price, the GoIP 4 gateway provides the functions of call forwarding, modes of incoming and outgoing calls. This equipment protects all calls by a password. It provides the possibility of direct data transmission to the VoIP terminal. There is a function of microphone echo cancellation to improve the quality of communication. It supports 4 simultaneous communication channels.

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