Review: GOIP 8 port gateway
Review: GOIP 8 port gateway
02-Dec-2015 14:17

Review: GOIP 8 port gateway

GSM VoIP Gateway GoIP 8 is used to connect the IP / GSM with several people at the same time. It is suitable for medium-sized enterprises employing 20 operators, for example, a local taxi service or a small call center.

GoIP Gateway is compatible with the protocols: PPPoE, Proprietary Firewall-Pass-Through Technology, PAP and others. It also supports UDP, using NAT (STUN) and remote administration through the websites.

PPPoE functions to connect DSL to IP ISP, transport, compress, encrypt, identify. It shares access to RFC 2516. It supports PADI via Ethernet.

PPP Authentication Protocol (PAP) is designed to connect the remote site and determine its identity. It checks many functions when starting the equipment. You can do troubleshooting using the protocol. Sometimes it is unidirectional and bidirectional. In the first case, it receives calls, as well as authenticates a customer (remote user). During bidirectional authentication, simultaneous request- application and request-confirmation are sent.

You can also use GoIP 8 for starting business in VoIP GSM termination.

GoAntiFraud offers a comprehensive solution for best GSM termination using
GoIP equipment . We cooperate directly with Hybertone manufacturer, so you can buy GSM gateways and SIM GoIP banks at the lowest price. For those who begin doing VoIP termination, we offer NewBusiness solution that includes the required set of equipment, software for automation and tools to protect against the SIM-block.

The main GoIP 8 functions:

  • GSM Routing - transmission of a call via local and mobile networks.
  • Caller ID – an incoming call is forwarded, Caller ID.
  • Speed Dial - subscriber dials pressing one button on the device.
  • Calls are transmitted via VoIP GSM Gateway GoIP 8. Gateway monitors activity of SIM-cards. Calls are made through one of the available channels.


  • Protection of the equipment with a password.
  • Quick selection of codec.
  • Optimum jitter buffer.

By purchasing an eight channel GoIP gateway, you can easily manage your lines within a small office. The equipment is relatively inexpensive and, unlike older 16 and 32-channel models, GOIP 8 Gateway is an optimal combination of price and performance necessary for office. By the way, the GoIP 8 price varies from $900 up to $1,000, depending on the dealer or vendor.

Expand capabilities of
GoIP equipment by connecting it to GoAntiFraud! We provide proven tools to increase the efficiency of GSM termination. Our service will help extend the lifespan of SIM-cards, computerize workflows, and remotely manage GoIP equipment from anywhere in the world.
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