AddPac Gateways for Organizing VoIP
AddPac Gateways for Organizing VoIP
04-Aug-2016 12:58

AddPac Gateways for Organizing VoIP

AddPac GSM gateways show an excellent performance in the VoIP telephony market. The equipment from the Korean manufacturer can convert a VoIP-signal to GSM, thus reduce the cost of mobile communications.

Many models of addpac voip GSM gateways additionally perform the function of connecting analog phone lines or standard telephones to IP-based networks. For this purpose they are equipped with FXS and FXO ports. The devices from this manufacturer operate using a popular SIP protocol, so the problem of compatibility of the equipment and IP PBX is rare.

Types of AddPac GSM gateways

AddPac GSM gateways are divided into two main types:

  • Desktop;
  • Rack.

Desktop GSM-gateways are compact devices that have a different number of ports. The model lineup provides the equipment for 1, 4 and 8 channels. Multichannel gateways allow making several calls simultaneously (8 in this case).

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AddPac multi-gateways

The addpac gsm rack gateways are a multifunctional device that allows you to organize up to 80 channels of communication in the local network. They are an excellent solution for big companies or a call center.

The basic version of the GSM gateway looks like a unit equipped with 10 universal slots to connect the interface modules, analog and digital telephone lines. One such unit can combine several modules to create a multifunctional multi-gateway for many channels, transmitting voice from VoIP and GSM networks and vice versa.

Features of AddPac multi-gateways:

  • High-quality sound by means of the acoustic echo cancellation and filtering external noise;
  • The function of black and whitelists to filter calls from unwanted numbers;
  • Scalability: The main advantage of the multi-gateway is the ability to expand telephony network. By installing the optional interface module, you can increase the number of communication channels);
  • Sending and receiving SMS-messagesby means of the built-in SMS-Server

With regard to setting AddPac equipment, users report the Web Interface inconvenience. Also, many are faced with the problem of "suspension" of the device at an incorrect setting. We recommend asking for help from qualified technicians if you need to set up the GSM gateways.

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