6 Myths about VoIP Termination
6 Myths about VoIP Termination
08-Nov-2016 14:09

6 Myths about VoIP Termination

Termination allows you to convert international calls to local ones avoiding exorbitant tariffs of operators and telecommunications companies. How can you achieve this? When you do GSM termination, the call is routed through a VoIP signal, with a terminator to converts it back into GSM format using a gateway. At the same time, calls are made not at the international rates but at the local ones, and the entrepreneur makes money on a difference.

This smart system, of course, raises many terminators’ questions. After all, they want to make money and afraid of losing their money at the same time. The complex specifics of this business have generated 6 major myths about termination.

1) You can instantly make millions doing termination

Many beginners are so obsessed with making money that they are willing to buy and install goip at any cost. They mistakenly believe that they can earn millions without applying any effort. However, they are disappointed when they do not think through the logic of termination. SIM-cards are blocked quickly, and you earn almost nothing. And there is a second myth, the other extreme

2) VoIP-termination is a fraud, and doing this business is very risky.

The forums are full of discussions about how much and who lost invested money, and how quickly operators block SIM-cards, as well as the termination does not provide sufficient earnings. If so, then why do so many terminators have significant income, comparable with the profit of a small town? The risk is there, but you can get a decent profit with the right approach.

3) You have to buy SIM-card in bulk to make as much money as possible.

Beginners tend to get significant income and buy SIM-card in bulk, connecting equipment simultaneously. However, they also suffer losses. The fact is that the numbers of SIM-cards that go in the order one after another are unlikely to be snapped up simultaneously and connected immediately. Such actions often entail SIM-cards locked by the operator as they cause suspicion of termination. And this gives rise to a fourth myth.

If you are just starting your way in GSM termination - start it with GoAntiFraud! For beginners, we offer a complete NewBusiness solution that includes a set of necessary VoIP equipment and software for automation of business processes and proven tools to protect against AntiFraud systems. Over 2,000 customers in 31 countries have succeeded in the GSM termination using our service. You can become one of them!

4) To avoid blocking, you just need to rearrange the cards in slots.

The forums are full of the topics that operators can quickly block the SIM-cards and to do this, you need only to simulate the movement: move the equipment from place to place, change manually SIM-cards in the slot and the SIM-bank, thereby assuming that GSM-operator will not notice them.

However, in this case, according to the terminators, the SIM-cards are somehow blocked as it is completely unrealistic to independently and manually take into account all the parameters of tracking and effectively simulate the behavior of a person. To prolong the life of the SIM-cards, you can connect to GoAntiFraud. The only thing you need to do is properly set up the system. And here goes the fifth myth.

5) It is best to connect the entire system independently.

On the forums and on the Internet there are a lot of materials that you can install a VoIP-system on your own, without the help of professionals. For this reason, many advanced users "set it up" completely, buying, for example, a GOIP 16 gateway. Typically, these settings fail: the lacks of contact with the device, disconnections, etc. are not a complete list of consequences of unsuccessful attempts, with a lot of time wasted and money lost.

6) It is necessary to use cheap equipment: pre-owned GoIP or 3G modems.

The terminators, who realize that they could not set up the equipment on their own, rectify the situation by connecting anything they can afford. As mentioned above, this can be used gateways or 3G modems.

All this could be a good idea at first, but when you do a serious call termination, quality may leave much to be desired, and you still have to buy good high-performance equipment, equipped with from 8 to 32-channels. First, it allows you to earn more money, and secondly - in case some of the channels fail, you can use the rest to terminate.

Complete NewBusiness solution from GoAntiFraud is your successful start into the GSM termination! We provide ready-business on a turnkey basis, which includes a set of GoIP equipment by EjoinTech or ChinaSkyline, convenient software to computerize the operation and efficient tools to protect the SIM-cards from the lock. We also provide qualified technical support at every stage of your business. Our business model is based on the successful experience of more than 2,000 customers in 31 countries!
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