TOP 7 Popular Manufacturers of VoIP Equipment
TOP 7 Popular Manufacturers of VoIP Equipment
05-Dec-2016 15:28

TOP 7 Popular Manufacturers of VoIP Equipment

The VoIP equipment market offers us a wide range of models of gateways and SIM-banks. A novice-terminator can easily get confused with such a variety. A variety of equipment is an important aspect of running a successful GSM termination business.

We have prepared for you the TOP 7 producers of VoIP devices, which will be useful to you when buying voip-gateways to terminate calls.

1. Hybertone (China)

GSM gateways of the brand proved to be as functional and easy-to-use equipment for the traffic termination. It is possible to pick up the device for any business needs. The lineup includes 1, 4, 8, 16, 32-channel GoIP- gateways, as well as SIM-banks for 32 and 128 cards. In order to remotely control gateways, Hybertone developed the SIM-server available for download on the official website.

2. EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline (China)

Multifunction EjoinTech and ChinaSkyline GSM gateways function not only as gateways, but also as the SIM-bank. For this purpose, they are equipped with additional SIM-card slots, to enable integrated storage of numerous cards. The built-in "the SIM rotation" function provides an efficient simulation of human behavior. SIM-cards are loaded in turn the from additional slots into the channel and make calls, with the terminator to be able to save on the purchase of the SIM-bank.

The manufacturer's product line includes GSM gateways for a different number of channels - 8/8, 8/32, 16/16, 16/64, 32/32, 32/128. EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline also offer SIM Pool devices designed to store 128/256 cards. Another plus of this equipment is support for modern CDMA/UMTS cellular formats. GoAntiFraud service is compatable with Ejoin Tech and China Skyline equipment.

3. Topex (Romania)

Termination providers like Romanian VoIP Topex equipment for its performance and scalability. Modular gateways are designed to handle up to 60 channels. You can expand your business by adding new GSM channels without any problems if necessary.

Expand capabilities of GoIP equipment by connecting it to GoAntiFraud! We provide proven tools to increase the efficiency of GSM termination. Our service will help extend the lifespan of SIM-cards, computerize workflows, and remotely manage GoIP equipment from anywhere in the world.

4. Dinstar (China)

Dinstar 8 port gsm gateway is a functional solution for voice termination. Like ChinaSkyline gateways, this manufacturer’s devices are equipped with additional slots for SIM-cards. The product line is represented by the standard 1, 4, 8, 16, 32-channel equipment, as well as VoIP GSM gateways equipped with 32 channels and 128 slots, 16 channels and 64 slots. The Dinstar model range includes SIM-banks designed to handle 32, 64 and 128 cards. There is a built-in SIM server from SIMCloud.

5. AddPac (South Korea)

The Korean company AddPac produces VoIP GSM gateways running on the basis of SIP and H.323. There are devices that have a different number of channels - 1, 2, 4, 8. The manufacturer also offers the so-called basic chassis, which, if desired, can be equipped with additional channels. Simple addpac setting can create up to 80 GSM channels, ensuring rapid VoIP termination business expansion.

6. Yeastar (China)

It is another popular Chinese manufacturer producing 1, 2, 8, 16-channel GSM gateways. The devices support mobile communication GSM, UMTS, CDMA formats. Despite its compact size, Yeastar equipment is considered powerful enough.

7. OpenVox (China)

Modular OpenVox GSM gateways are also characterized by good extensibility. If desired, they can be used to organize up to 44 channels. There are also models that have 1, 2, 4, 8 ports. The product range also includes 3G gateways ent, allowing to create 4 to 44 UMTS/3G channels. This equipment is suitable to terminate any traffic volume and handle SIM-cards of any format.

GoAntiFraud offers a comprehensive solution for best GSM termination using GoIP equipment. We cooperate directly with Hybertone manufacturer, so you can buy GSM gateways and SIM GoIP banks at the lowest price. For those who begin doing VoIP termination, we offer NewBusiness solution that includes the required set of equipment, software for automation and tools to protect against the SIM-block.
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