TOP 10 African Countries That Have the Fastest Internet
TOP 10 African Countries That Have the Fastest Internet
07-Dec-2016 14:51

TOP 10 African Countries That Have the Fastest Internet

The Internet connection plays an important role in the VoIP GSM termination business. There are a number of mandatory requirements for the network:

  • High speed data transmission;
  • Minimum ping (packet delay);
  • The low jitter (jitter);
  • Minimal loss of traffic packages.

For normal operation, VoIP equipment requires that the data rate should be 42 kbps for each GSM channel. That is, if you are using a multi-channel gateway, you need to ensure the speed, according to the number of device ports. But not all companies that provide access to a global network meet the needs of voip providers and GSM terminators.

We have prepared for you a rating out of 10 African countries where you can enjoy high-quality Internet access. Since the countries of the African continent are the most popular for the voice traffic termination, this list should be useful to you.

1. Ghana

Average speed is 4.78 megabits per second.

2. Zimbabwe

Average speed is 4.65 megabits per second.

3. Kenya

Average speed is 4.46 megabits per second.

4. Libya

Average speed is 4.27 megabits per second.

5. Madagascar

Average speed is 3.89 megabits per second.

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6. The South African Republic

Average speed is 2.85 megabits per second.

7. Morocco

Average speed is 2.84 megabits per second.

8. Nigeria

Average speed is 2.41 megabits per second.

9. Rwanda

Average speed is 2.15 megabits per second.

10. Mozambique

Average speed is 2.13 megabits per second.

Africa has always been considered a continent where Internet services market is not well developed. In comparison with other parts of the world, there are a small number of Internet users and low transmission rate. Nevertheless, some of the African countries are in the top 177 countries in the world in terms of the development of this segment of the telecommunications market.

We hope our ratings will help you in choosing the country to set your gsm gateway hardware and start a GSM termination business. When choosing Internet provider, consider the fact that many companies provide cellular services as well as keep track of termination of calls. These operators can block the SIM-cards and web traffic. To prevent this, it is necessary to use a VPN-server for voice termination, as its use implies encryption of transmitted data.
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