5 Africa's Major GSM Operators
5 Africa's Major GSM Operators
08-Dec-2016 14:54

5 Africa's Major GSM Operators

Termination of voice traffic largely depends on the correct choice of destinations and GSM operator, whose SIM-cards you will be using to terminate calls. African countries are the most popular among terminators who install the gsm to sip equipment, because there is expensive international cellular communication, but low rates for local calls, at the same.

When choosing a mobile operator, you should pay attention to its market coverage. The larger the subscriber base is, the more international traffic a telecommunications company handles. Accordingly, the terminator has more chances to make money terminating calls.

Many people think that in Africa there is a poorly developed market of telecommunication technologies. In fact, everything is different. Africa is the second in terms of the mobile market coverage in the world after Asia. The total number of subscribers of mobile operators is more than 1 billion people.

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We have prepared for you the top 5 of the major GSM operators in the African continent.

1. SAFARICOM (Kenya)

In 2016, Safaricom CommsMEA received an award as the mobile operator of the year. The company managed to get this title by increasing market coverage and implementation of innovative services. The subscriber base of the GSM operator has more than 20.8 million users.

2. VODAFONE (Egypt)

It is the largest operator in Egypt. The number of Vodafone subscribers in the country has exceeded 47.5 million users.

3. OOREDOO (Algeria)

Over 13.4 million subscribers enjoy the services provided by Ooredoo in Algeria.

4. VODACOM (South Africa)

It is the largest GSM operator in South Africa as its subscriber base has about 31.4 million users.

5. SUDATEL (Sudan)

Sudatel Telecom is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the region. The number of connections to the operator equals to more than 11.3 million.

You should pay attention to the coverage of the market by an operator you select, when you install the gsm to sip gateways in Africa, to secure a stable high profit.

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