Top 7 of GSM Operators of Post-Soviet Countries for Termination
Top 7 of GSM Operators of Post-Soviet Countries for Termination
15-Jan-2017 12:32

Top 7 of GSM Operators of Post-Soviet Countries for Termination

Many experienced terminators claim that it is worth installing Goip 32 in the countries of former Soviet Union, using SIM-cards of major local operators to make good money, thanks to the high and low rates on internal communication.

We have prepared for you a list of the top 7 of GSM operators in the post-Soviet countries. The rankings are based on an analysis of the market situation, taking into account the number of mobile phone users, the quality of coverage, and rates for calls and so on.

1. Magti (Georgia)

2. Life (Belarus)

3. Velcom (Belarus)

4. Smart MTS (Belarus)

5. T-Sel (Tajikistan)

6. Megaphone (Tajikistan)

7. Beeline (Tajikistan)

According to our preliminary estimates, Georgia has 11.6 million G S M phone users, significantly behind Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. But, at the same time, local operators offer more favorable conditions for calls within the country, which is beneficial for the termination. In addition, Georgia has an excellent GSM-coverage and anti fraud that is not so hard unlike in Russia and Belarus. Magti provides favorable tariff “Say, Hello!” that provides continuous communication within the network. A minute of conversation will cost as little as $0.001.

Mobile operators of Belarus, Life, Velcom, and MTS, provide excellent conditions, in terms of termination. Cost per minute conversation via XS and S packages of Life will cost $0.0005 and $0.0016. When connected to communication packages from Velcom and MTS, you will have to pay a bit more - from $0.001 to $0.0015.

GoAntiFraud is compatible with the equipment produced by EjoinTech & China Skyline. You can connect your gateways and SIM-banks to the service, or buy equipment from us at a low price. For those who are just starting a GSM termination business, we offer ready NewBusiness packages, including complete sets of Ejoin Tech & China Skyline equipment.

The TOP 7 operators for the termination include Tajik cellular operators - "T-Sel", "Megafon" and "Beeline". When you connect to the packages Aҷoib 2016 and Salome 2016, one minute of conversation will cost as little as $0.00015. Slightly more expensive, $0.00072, $0.00093, $0.0008, will cost the same minute via "All Inclusive: XXS," "All inclusive: XS +”, “All in one 5", "Non-Stop 2016" from "Megaphone Tajikistan" and "Beeline Tajikistan".

With regard to the income of terminators, it is not all clear in this matter. Thus, the profit per minute of termination via SIM-cards of a Georgian operator is $0.214 a month; you may make about $ 2,000 from a single channel. Using numbers of Life, Velcom and MTS Belarus, your revenue will be about $2,500. Terminating via operators of Tajikistan will get you about $1,000 from one channel.

Many will wonder why we put Magti Georgia in the first place, with the operators of Belarus following. The fact is that Belarus employs quite hard antifraud and severe sanctions against those involved in termination up to the seizure of equipment and imprisonment. Many beginners, who installed their devices here, complained of a mass rapid blocking of SIM-cards and large financial losses.

However, such problems can happen in any other country, because it is always necessary to consider the antifraud an operator uses. To that end, experienced terminators buy packages involving active communication within the network, and connect to Go Anti Fraud. With the ability to simulate human behavior in the GSM network, the service allows the terminator to mask the SIM-cards from the operator's antifraud and make more money in one country or another.

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