5 Problems When Starting a GSM Termination Business and Solutions
5 Problems When Starting a GSM Termination Business and Solutions
21-Sep-2017 12:29

5 Problems When Starting a GSM Termination Business and Solutions

Entrepreneurs who are interested in installing VoIP GSM gateways for call termination in a particular country often face common newcomers’ problems. In many cases, this is the reason why they abandon the idea of starting a profitable start-up in the telecommunications industry. In fact, in any business area, there may be some problems at the start stage but they can be solved.

Consider the 5 most common problems that arise for those who are starting a VoIP GSM termination business:

  • Frequent blocking of SIM-cards by anti-fraud systems of GSM operators, which leads to an increase in business expenses on the purchase of new subscriber numbers;
  • Lack of specialized software for monitoring the operation of equipment;
  • Difficulties in setting up and servicing GSM gateways due to lack of technical support;
  • Lack of funds for hiring technically educated staff, the skills and knowledge of which a beginner needs;
  • Running the business at a loss, due to the low level of its organization.

To solve these problems, fortunately, there are specialized VoIP solutions from GoAntiFraud. The company has three years of experience in the market. We develop voip call solutions based on the experience of other terminators who successfully operate in different countries using our system. Therefore, the solutions take into account all the initial shortcomings and provide solutions to all the problems faced by a newcomer in this industry. The service is constantly improving to make it easier for customers to work so that they can get a stable profit.

Business solutions from GoAntiFraud include everything you need to start, while buying a license will cost the beginning entrepreneur cheaper than employing specialists to develop specialized software and a staff of technically skilled employees. GoAntiFraud complex business packages include:

  • Finding and delivering the equipment you need to start. In addition, we sell GoIP gateways and SIM-banks cheaper than others do. Hybertone is our direct partner, so we set minimum prices for equipment and provide the manufacturer guarantee.
  • The connection of GoIP-gateways and SIM-banks by our specialists, as well as assistance in the further maintenance of equipment.
  • Adjustment of the anti-fraud protection model to the features of your region, to minimize the blocking of SIM-cards by the operator.
  • Convenient software with an easy-to-use interface. We provide customers with easy-to-understand cloud software. It combines all monitoring and statistics tools, as well as provides the possibility of remote control of equipment.
  • Patterns for computerizing the operation of SIM-cards, which allow you to reduce the time you spend on controlling the equipment. The creation of scenarios for the behavior of SIM-cards provides a plausible simulation of the behavior of a real subscriber.
  • Setting up additional software modules that can reduce business costs.
  • Modular architecture to facilitate expanding the business in the future.
  • Access to training materials - useful articles and videos for further business training in VoIP GSM termination
  • 24-hour online support in all issues related to the operation of equipment and software.

Using professional business solutions for VoIP GSM termination, you can successfully start your business and eventually increase its profitability.

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