Equipment against SIM-card Lock. Does It Exist?
Equipment against SIM-card Lock. Does It Exist?
24-Oct-2017 13:44

Equipment against SIM-card Lock. Does It Exist?

SIM-cards blocked by antifraud systems is the most serious problem that awaits each newcomer when he starts a traffic termination business. When searching for solutions to minimize the SIM-lock, beginners can meet the most incredible offers on the market. For example, some manufacturers promise that their expensive equipment will help protect numbers. However, are there really gateways that are equipped with antifraud protection function?

Factors That Affect the Frequency of the SIM-block

To begin with, many factors affect the frequency of card blocking in one way or another. Consider the main ones:

  • Select the direction for terminating calls. Depending on the country in which you plan to terminate the traffic, the cards can be often blocked or are not blocked at all. For example, in countries with high rates, blocking occurs frequently, sometimes as early as 20 minutes after the activation of the number. At the same time, in low-rate countries SIM-cards are blocked much less often.
  • Level of development of antifraud-systems of the operator. The larger the GSM operator is, the "harder" its AntiFraud programs work. Since the operator is not interested in losing potential profit due to the activity of terminators, it is ready to invest large amounts in the development of specialized systems.
  • Approach to buying new SIM-becards. It is known that dealers, trading SIM-cards, can be tracked. In case of detection of suspicious activity, all cards that are sold by a particular dealer are massively blocked. Therefore, it is recommended to buy cards in small lots and from different dealers. The same goes for activation: if you immediately activate all purchased numbers, this can cause suspicion of the operator and entail a lock. Especially if the numbers are bought with the consequent last digits.
  • The level of imitation of human behavior. Antifraud systems analyze the parameters of "humanity" in the "behavior" of subscriber numbers. Therefore, the main task of the terminator is to "convince" analytical programs that a real person is using a SIM-card. To do this, you should plausibly simulate the behavior of the real subscriber: send and receive SMS messages, receive incoming calls, make calls to "preferred numbers," perform USSD requests to check balance or bonuses, simulate travel around the city, etc.

What Do You Really Need to Minimize the SIM block?

In addition to a competent approach to the purchase of SIM-cards, the main thing and the only thing necessary to minimize the SIM-block is specialized software. It is the software that allows you to simulate the behavior of a real subscriber. Professional software, designed for the needs of the terminator, allows you to computerize many workflows and set patterns of "behavior" of SIM-cards in accordance with a specific logic.

Some manufacturers of expensive equipment assure that the use of their gateways will eliminate the blocking of SIM-cards. In fact, the equipment itself does not affect the number of blocked numbers in any way. The main function of the gateway is to convert calls from VoIP format to GSM, and it cannot prevent the SIM-block. Only specialized software to control equipment can minimize the blocking of cards. Inexpensive Chinese gateways are doing just fine employing the main function to redirect calls from VoIP networks to GSM. So why pay more if it only takes a professional software that minimizes the risks of a SIM-block?

In addition, expensive equipment has a significant disadvantage, in comparison with budget Chinese gateways. The software that comes with it can be used exclusively for this equipment. That is, the customer will be forever "tied" to the manufacturer, in order to receive technical support. He will not be able to sell the equipment or use it in combination with other, more effective software solutions. Thus, if the manufacturer's software becomes obsolete, the customer will have useless hardware and get no technical support.

What is Ideal VoIP Equipment for GSM Termination?

The optimal choice for the terminator is GoIP gateways and SIM-banks. This is a budget equipment that performs ALL the necessary functions for efficient termination. In combination with professional software, GoIP gateways provide 100% productivity.

GoIP equipment is compatible with the cloud GoAntiFraud service. By connecting gateways and SIM-banks to the service, you get access easy-to-use software and efficient tools to disguise SIM-cards from anti-fraud systems bypassing both analytical and callback programs.

GoIP + GoAntiFraud is a Comprehensive Solution for Profitable Termination

The GSM GoIP gateway is the most cost-effective solution to date. Using it along with software from GoAntiFraud, the equipment allows terminating calls efficiently and making good money. Hybertone, which produces GoIP, the most popular gateways in the world, is a direct partner of GoAntiFraud. Therefore, we can buy equipment at the lowest price, with reliable delivery and with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

In addition, you can use software solutions GoAntiFraud has to offer if you already have your own gateways. Our company provides technical 24/7 support to customers so that you can always resolve any issues that may arise.

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