Try the IVR detect tool for free
Try the IVR detect tool for free
08-Dec-2021 10:57

Try the IVR detect tool for free


We invite you to try the IVR detector feature for free and improve your statistics in the VoIP GSM Termination business!

What is IVR?
Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows humans to interact with a computer-operated phone system through the use of voice and tones input via a keypad.

The “IVR DETECTOR” is the module that allows reducing the number of short calls and improving ACD statistics.
Most often your local Mobile operator’s voice messages can mislead the subscribers, which negatively affects the quality of termination. Using the IVR DETECTOR feature, you prevent this problem.

What are the main advantages of IVR DETECTOR in the call termination business?

  • Reduce the number of short calls.
  • Improve ACD statistics.
  • Improve the quality of call termination.
  • Participate in huge sim block reduction.
  • Help to save time and money.

IVR detector setup description
The software module is configured for each specific IVR.
Technical support specialists create a template using call records with IVR as examples. Call records should be provided by you, or you should indicate the cards and the time of the call with the desired voice message.
The program automatically compares the sound during a call with an existing record (IVR DETECTOR) and, when the sound coincides, it takes certain action in accordance with your choice (blocks the card, highlights it in a specific color, automatically tops up, etc.).

This current offer includes:

  • IVR Server
  • IVR set up by our specialists
  • Free testing for 01 week period

To take advantage of the offer, contact our manager through the form on the website goantifraud.com

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