Ideas to Organize the VoiP-business
Ideas to Organize the VoiP-business
27-May-2016 13:26

Ideas to Organize the VoiP-business

To date, VoIP is the fastest growing business around the globe. Telecommunication services provided by voip termination providers have many competitive advantages, whereby these companies are gradually replacing the traditional phone companies.

Currently, the IP-telephony can provide more opportunities to users at a higher quality of connection and cheaper tariffs for calls. It is not surprising that the companies engaged in voice traffic termination quickly take not only local but also international markets. If you are thinking about how to organize your own business using the voip equipment, you might be interested in this article that surveys business models used in the VoIP market today.

Wholesale VoIP services

The most common business idea in the field of VoIP is the so-called wholesale VoIP-telephony that usually involves large companies. Services provided by such corporations allow customers to make calls both within their region and abroad at nominal prices. A VoIP wholesaler is a kind of "drive" for voip traffic, which he then trades.

Due to the large volumes of traffic wholesale provider purchases, the cost is much lower than that of retailers. Such large companies have contracts with retail VoIP carriers and are go-betweens as they co-operate with direct traffic providers at the same time. When a wholesaler receives voice traffic, it forwards it to the partner for the purpose of termination, cashing on the difference in price.

Providers working in the wholesale segment of the VoIP market offer a number of additional services:

  • Sale of china skyline telecom VoIP-gateways, SIM-banks, IP-phones, and other brands;
  • Connection and Configuration of the VoIP-equipment acquired by the client;
  • Call Back Solutions, etc.
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Retail VoIP services

The use of VoIP in the retail business segment is a great opportunity to save on communications services and thus increase the profit of the company. VoIP services are beneficial to both retailers of IP-telephony services, as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, many large corporations optimize telephone charges by using VoIP-system with the possibility of calling to mobile numbers via VoIP GSM termination..

You can offer the sale of voice traffic at retail, pre-buying it from big companies-wholesalers, transit companies and originators. The VoIP-services significantly benefit compared to the tariff plans of mobile operators, so you can find many clients. In addition, the companies, which you will service, will be able to appreciate the advantages of the use of various applications to transfer data. These solutions make it possible to improve the company information infrastructure, which landlines and GSM-telephony cannot provide.

The VoIP-equipment to rent

In the VoIP market, you can also make money by providing rental equipment for the organization of IP-based networks. That offer is open to resellers of VoIP-services and private persons wishing to engage in traffic termination or companies that want to reduce communication costs. Rental of the GoIP equipment by Topex or skyline telecom may be more profitable for them at a certain stage than purchasing it.

VoIP Call Shops

Such a business is just starting to gain popularity, so you have every chance to make money this way. The so-called Call Shops are positioned as an alternative to traditional public telephone booths, which every country has. Advanced VoIP-technologies are applied for their operation. These solutions are focused not only on customers who want to open a phone center or Internet cafe. They are created on the basis of specialized software and a remote GSM-gateway that terminates calls through VoIP networks at competitive rates.

We have considered only the most common VoIP business models. Perhaps, entrepreneurs will soon come up with more interesting ideas to make money using VoIP-technologies and china skyline telecom equipment.

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