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The 5 "No’s" When Choosing a VoIP-provider


The VoIP-services market and gsm termination are dynamically developing, with the business becoming more profitable in this field. The influx of new entrepreneurs in the VoIP-technology segment keeps growing, thereby increasing competition between providers of Internet telephony. According to forecasts by Transparency Market Research, the global VoIP market will grow to $136.76 billion in 2020.

Despite the fact that it has been a long time since people prefer to send each other text messages, voice plays an important role in almost any business. Although customers can obtain general information about the service or product on the website, they tend to learn more through a phone call. Anyone, who deals with sales, knows that a relationship of trust with the customer involves phone calls, rather than via e-mail correspondence.

VoIP is the ideal solution for small or medium-sized businesses, as it provides the possibility to make numerous calls at low rates. But to really save on long distance and international calls, you need to choose a reliable VoIP-service provider. We suggest paying attention to the following points.

Are you interested in VoIP technology? Are you looking for a reliable start-up in the telecommunications sector? You will be interested in the opportunity to start a GSM termination business. You can get the maximum profit making the minimal investment! We offer a turnkey GoAntiFraud solution for beginners, which includes opportunities for efficient VoIP termination, as well as a set of equipment by GoIP, EjoinTech & China Skyline at low cost.
  1. The difficult adjustment. If you encounter difficulties at the stage of user interface customization, this indicates that the provider is not very reliable and is unlikely to provide high-quality services. The equipment that is available to the customer, for example, the gateway voip china or hardware IP-PBX must be configured by VoIP-company experts.
  2. Low network bandwidth. This parameter is very important to companies with a large customer base since they need to make a lot of calls, putting a high load on the IP-based network. The bandwidth depends on the transport protocol, which the equipment employs, including a voip gateway. There are special software solutions to test the bandwidth.
  3. High prices. VoIP-telephony is created to make voice communications more affordable in the first place. Therefore, high tariffs for calls should put you on guard, as well as paid additional services, video calls, and conferencing. As you expand your business, the provider may require a fee for the installation of an additional voip gsm gateway or additional telephone lines.
  4. The absence/low levels of technical support. If you have problems with voice or equipment, the provider must provide you with appropriate technical support. Not all VoIP-carriers can do this, so you should read feedback on the services provided by a particular company.
  5. The use of outdated technologies. VoIP-technology develops every day, moving ahead by leaps and bounds. IP-telephony providers compete with each other by offering users new, innovative solutions. If a company in which you have applied to for services, offers only calls at low rates and no additional functionality, this VoIP-operator probably is stuck in the past. It is also important that the provider use modern equipment for traffic termination, for example, China Skyline or Ejoin Tech, based on the SIP protocol.
GoAntiFraud offers you to start a profitable GSM termination business! If you are interested in VoIP technology, we will help you start your own business, yielding a stable income. By purchasing our comprehensive New Business package, you will start making money immediately! We will give you full technical support at all stages of business.

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