Subtleties of VoIP-gateway Selection
Subtleties of VoIP-gateway Selection
06-Jun-2016 11:29

Subtleties of VoIP-gateway Selection

Those who are engaged in GSM voice traffic termination face the challenge of VoIP-gateway selection. If you do not approach the issue wisely, the equipment you have purchased can negate all your efforts on business development. We consider the basic criteria which you should look for when choosing to avoid the most common problems in VoIP termination.

Compatibility with IP-PBX

This is the most important requirement to the VoIP-equipment. The terminators quite often buy the gateways that do not support a particular standard. As a result, the gateway and IP-PBX come to be incompatible with each other, making termination impossible. For example, most manufacturers indicate the support of SIP-protocol but, in fact, the equipment cannot meet the standard in full. The PBX and the gateway may have different translation methods call even if they employ the same protocol.

There is no one to lay a claim to in such a situation, so we recommend that you immediately check with the IP PBX manufacturer as to what equipment your telephone exchange is compatible with. You should learn in advance about all restrictions so that then it will not come as a surprise to you later.

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The lifespan of the VoIP-gateway

In the gsm termination business, there is a problem that expert terminators are well aware of. The world of the VoIP-technology is developing very quickly and dynamically. Constantly there are new IP-PBX, standards, and services coming up. When you have to replace the telephone exchange or when it is updated, you should replace the gateway. The terminator may ask a logical question - why is this happening? After all, he does not change the type of connection, with the PBX still supporting the SIP standard. It turns out the company-manufacturer no longer produces your model, with the old one no longer supported.

As a rule, the lifespan of the VoIP-gateway is about 1-2 years. This is due to the fact that the technologies are being developed and the equipment becomes obsolete. Therefore, when buying a device, you should focus on the latest models that have a better chance of "long life".

Additional selection parameters

There are also additional criteria, which you should focus on when buying voip gateways. They are as follows:

  • The quality of the assembly;
  • The quality of the material;
  • The type of cooling;
  • Echo cancellation functions;
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Modern VoIP-equipment is compatible with a variety of services that simplify the control over it. You should always ask if the GSM-gate you are going to buy is supported by the service you use.

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