Prevention against SIM-block When Doing GSM-termination
Prevention against SIM-block When Doing GSM-termination
14-Jun-2016 08:56

Prevention against SIM-block When Doing GSM-termination

When you do the GSM termination without taking measures to protect the SIM-cards, mobile carriers can quickly track your gateways and SIM-banks and lock your cards, through which the calls are made. AntiFraud systems are constantly being improved, and more "parameters of humanity” are used to determine terminated SIM-cards.

After the number has been activated, it is under the close supervision of the carrier within a specified period (which may last from 1 week to 30 days). All this time the provider keeps track of whether there is an unusual GSM-activity. If there is none, only after the deadlineis over, the SIM-card is marked as the one that belongs to the real subscriber.

Terminators use various tricks to avoid blocking by AntiFraud systems. Not all of them are efficient but it is a prerequisite without which VoIP termination is not possible. They relate to the selection and activation of SIM-cards for landing calls.

The choice of SIM-cards

When you buy SIM-cards for termination, it is important to consider that the numbers must different from each other. If you use the cards, in which only last 2 digits differ, the carriers quickly become suspicious. You cannot use numbers assigned to the same person in the GSM termination either.

Activation of SIM-cards

You should not activate all the cards at once, especially if the numbers differ in the last figures only. Activation at intervals of a few minutes will cause suspicion among GSM operators. It is better to pre-compose a plausible timetable to carry out this procedure.

To prevent blocking of SIM-cards, use GoAntiFraud. Efficient tools for the simulation of human behavior on the GSM networks will allow you to significantly increase your revenues.

Parameters of humanity

The key parameters of humanity are the following:

  • The number of calls to unique numbers should not exceed 25-30 a day;
  • The period of subscriber’s activity during the day;
  • Implementation of USSD requests;
  • Number of outgoing SMS;
  • User’s night activity;
  • The "preferred" numbers, which the subscriber often calls;
  • The unique IMEI, which is not assigned to other telephone devices.

There are various anti sim block solutions focused on the simulation of human behavior when you terminate calls. Terminators are using the SIM-servers and other software, which mimic the movement of cards in the city, change the IMEI for phone numbers, and generate SMS notification, and so on. In order to achieve efficient results, the terminator has to spend much time to build GSM termination logic and provide a well-functioning SIM-card masking system.

Using GoAntiFraud helps you simplify work with SIM-cards and reliably protect them from locking. Complete solutions for the simulation of human behavior can significantly prolong the lifespan of SIM cards. Routine processes related to replenishment, connect bonuses and send SMS are performed automatically. All the terminator has to do is to create SIM-card behavior patterns. GoAntiFraud distributes calls among the SIM cards and simulate their movement through the city using the "road map" function, generates calls to "preferred numbers", and protects the card from the carrier calls to minimize the risks of SIM-block.
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