21-Dec-2015 15:03

AntiFraud: Services for the extension of the service life of SIM-cards


If a week is good enough, SIM-card can operate for three days, sometimes it does not last three hours. Operators’ AntiFraud becomes meaner and many business voip providers simply agree to change the SIM-cards daily or leave the market.

However, fewer the terminators, the more chances to fall into the fraud’s clutches, which keeps happening. Each terminator already accounts for 2 transiters or originators. It would be enough to have a look at the forms: in the buy/sell section, there are termination topics, which are two times less than the offers from the originators.

These changes in market conditions are primarily associated with the fact that operators have strengthened the AntiFraud making the termination internet to mobile call s simply a waste of time and money.

To prevent blocking of SIM-cards, use GoAntiFraud. Efficient tools for the simulation of human behavior on the GSM networks will allow you to significantly increase your revenues.

Of course, one cannot entirely circumvent the operators’ antifraud. However, there is a number of techniques that help to extend the service life of the SIM card 2 or even 3 times. GoAntiFraud, a best voip service for business to simulate human behavior in the GSM-network, can be one of the comprehensive solutions.

Except for simulating the human being’s parameters, which are the creation of incoming calls, a group of preferred numbers, the interval of operation period of SIM-cards, moving around the city, processing SMS and USSD flow, etc., the service allows saving time on routine activities: loading and unloading cards, top-up, connection of bonus schemes, with the terminator to have a couple of hours of valuable time when working with large SIM banks.

More information about protection against AntiFraud-system by creating a favorite numbers here .

GoAntiFraud will allow you to minimize the risks of the SIM-lock in the GSM termination. Reduce business costs on the purchase of new SIM-cards by buying the service license and you will get more profit!

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