The Recipe for a Successful GSM Termination Business
The Recipe for a Successful GSM Termination Business
01-Nov-2016 14:02

The Recipe for a Successful GSM Termination Business

GSM termination is one of the most profitable businesses, requiring minimal time and relatively small initial capital. The recipe for success in the field of VoIP GSM termination consists of several key components - the original "ingredients".

Ingredient #1: VoIP Equipment

To start with, you need to buy specialized equipment. It is primarily GSM gateways, which, in fact, will convert the signal from VoIP to GSM.

The most popular equipment among terminators is GoIP gateways made a China. They are the cheapest but they have functionality enough to do successful termination. The alternative is Device China Skyline & Ejoin Tech. The manufacturer offers multi-functional equipment for termination, which combines the function of both the gateway and the SIM-bank.

GoAntiFraud offers a comprehensive solution for best GSM termination using GoIP equipment. We cooperate directly with Hybertone manufacturer, so you can buy GSM gateways and SIM GoIP banks at the lowest price. For those who begin doing VoIP termination, we offer NewBusiness solution that includes the required set of equipment, software for automation and tools to protect against the SIM-block.

Ingredient #2: Professional Software

For a successful business organization in the GSM termination, you will need specialized software. Firstly, you need the server software to terminate by connecting to which you can receive the VoIP-traffic for its further conversion to GSM. Secondly, most often, you need a so-called the SIM-server as a server - "intelligent" software that lets you remotely control the gateways and simulate the movement of SIM-cards in the city.

Ingredient #3: High-speed Internet

To obtain a stable income, the terminator needs a reliable Internet connection. To ensure the normal operation of GSM-gateway, the data rate should be 42 kilobytes per second for 1 channel. That is, if you are using an 8-channel gateway, you need the speed of 336 kilobytes. The 16-channel equipment requires 672 kilobytes, etc. You also need to take into account the Ping, which is a delay in the network. To have a good voice communication when terminating, Ping should be no more than 300 ms.

Ingredient #4: SIM-cards for Termination

Before starting to terminate calls, you should find out whether there are features and limitations for the acquisition of SIM-cards in the country where you conduct your business. You may need documents. The number of SIM cards purchased may be limited. If there is, then it is necessary to find workarounds for their purchase.

You should choose SIM-cards of those operators who provide the most traffic in the country. This allows you to have as many minutes as possible paid off. You should also pay attention to how profitable a particular tariff plan is as your earnings depend on it.

Ingredient #5: The Protection against the SIM-block

GSM operators quickly block the SIM-cards involved in the VoIP traffic termination. To do this, they use the analytical and calling systems. To protect your SIM card from blocking, you must correctly configure the termination logic to provide a simulation of human behavior on the network.

Ingredient #6: Technical Support

Already at the stage of installation of the software and equipment configuration, you will need a qualified technical assistance. As your business develops, you will need proper maintenance of GSM gateways. Therefore, opening a business in a niche VoIP termination, you must have the support of technicians.

Ingredient #7: Reliable Originator

To make money, you need to sell your rout to terminate calls to the originator, which provides traffic. Where can you find it? There are themed forums where there are offers of partnership. Also, some large manufacturers of VoIP equipment are transit companies that can buy your rout. Additionally, you can find potential partners in social networks.

GoAntiFraud as a ready-made product

You can self-assemble "ingredients" to start a successful GSM termination business and can take advantage of complete GoAntiFraud solutions. We offer:

  • GSM gateways and SIM-banks manufactured by GoIP, Join Tech & China Skyline at the lowest prices in the market.
  • Convenient software that allows you to start terminating and computerizes workflows, and provide access to the built-in SIM-server.
  • Consultations with qualified specialists on the termination logic settings, selection of the locations for the equipment, selection of tariff plans and so forth.
  • Tools of protection from the SIM-block to effectively simulate human behavior in the GSM network automatically, according to specified patterns.
  • 24/7 technical support, operational troubleshooting in your system.
  • Help in finding reliable originators - we can provide you with contacts of reputable companies providing traffic for termination.
GoAntiFraud will help you run a profitable GSM termination business! We have ready NewBusiness packages for beginners, which include everything needed for a successful start.
Start UP Light - $1300
If you purchase the START UP LIGHT package, you can get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
Start UP - $1900
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DeLuxe Plus - $6700
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Ultimate - $10500
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