10 Misconceptions about GSM Termination
10 Misconceptions about GSM Termination
10-Nov-2016 13:26

10 Misconceptions about GSM Termination

Today, virtually the entire population of the planet uses telephones. However, you have to spend money to make a call to another country because roaming services or conventional PSTN (fixed line) are quite expensive. Termination allows not only paying for a foreign call at a local rate, but also making money on it.

However, there are erroneous claims that follow.

  1. Termination is a criminal offense and immoral.
  2. Installing GoIP, terminators make millions of dollars at early stages.
  3. Newcomers only need to buy a VoIP device, connect them and insert the SIM-card to do the successful termination.
  4. If there is no money to buy high-quality equipment, you can install a 3G modem.
  5. All technical issues on connecting can be dealt independently.
  6. To get initial income, you need to install the 1-4-channel gateway.
  7. To do a termination, you can use any Internet.
  8. It is better off buying SIM-cards from dealers in bulk.
  9. If you insert a used SIM-card in the gateway, the operator will not suspect a fraud.
  10. SIM-cards in the SIM-bank can be handled manually.

Many terminators want to make money and fear that authorities will find them, take away equipment and punish according to the law. But, according to statistics, this rarely happens. In most cases operators simply block the SIM-cards suspected in termination. But in this case, when connected to a particular system, such as GoAntiFraud, you can bypass the SIM-lock.

Newbies believe that already in the early stages, you can quickly make millions of dollars, all you have to do is install the equipment. However, you first need to carefully think through the logic of termination. Moreover, it is worth considering that the simultaneous connection of numerous SIM-cards and numerous calls throughout the day cannot but noticed by the operator. Naturally, the SIM-card is blocked, and a terminator suffers losses.

GoAntiFraud offers great opportunities for GoIP equipment users by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline, Topex who do GSM termination. We provide efficient tools for the protection of SIM-cards from AntiFraud systems so your business will make more profits. You can buy a standard GoAntiFraud license or take advantage of our offers NewBusiness for beginners and Corporate Solution for GSM termination professionals.

Beginners often do not have enough finances, and then they decide to buy a used goip of questionable quality, or use 3G-modems. The "system" fails leaving the quality of the termination much to be desired.

Others terminators, advanced in technical matters, install VoIP-devices independently by adjusting each channel on their own. As a result, the system does not recognize the hardware, with the calls not being made. Only professional technicians can handle that.

In order to save money, some install 1-4-channel gateways. But there are problems, termination becomes impossible. It is better to install the 8-16-channel equipment. If one or two ports fail, you can use the other without problems.

When you connect to the Internet, many wonder why there are failures during a conversation, with phrases breaking up, and so on. The reason is the low-quality Internet, at a rate of less than 64 MB/s foe one channel of the equipment.

In addition, those, who wish to save, buy SIM-cards with consequent numbers in bulk from dealers. In real life, subscribers hardly buy numbers of SIM-cards coming one after another, and even more rarely connect them simultaneously.

Terminators insert previously used SIM-cards in the hope that when they are making multiple calls, the operator still does not suspect a fraud, or place them in the SIM-bank and rearrange slots manually. However, such SIM-cards also end up being blocked. To extend the life of SIM-cards, it is better to connect your equipment to GoAntiFraud. By setting behavior patterns of the cards in the GSM network, you will be able to ensure high performance of the equipment. The system will automatically mimic the actions of a real user, and the SIM-locl risk will be minimized.

GoAntiFraud is a cloud service for both VoIP GSM termination professionals as well as for start-up entrepreneurs who have decided to start a business in this area. We offer a comprehensive solution to bypass AntiFraud systems, workflow automation and remote control over GSM gateways/SIM-banks. Our company also sells GoIP equipment by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline for businesses of all sizes.
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