The 5 Tools to Help the Terminator Test the Internet Network
The 5 Tools to Help the Terminator Test the Internet Network
18-Nov-2016 13:53

The 5 Tools to Help the Terminator Test the Internet Network

Entrepreneurs, who have decided to invest in VoIP GSM termination, should provide all the necessary conditions for a successful business. One of these conditions is a high-speed and stable internet connection, without which permanent high income is not possible.

It is known that the normal operation of GSM gateways requires a data rate of at least 42 kilobytes per second for each channel. That is, if you use multi-channel equipment, you should have an adequate Internet connection, multiplying the above value by the number of channels of the 64 port gsm modem or the gateway.

It is important to take into account other parameters: Ping (latency in the network, no more than 300 ms), jitter ("jitter signal," causing distortion of speech, normal value - up to 150 ms), loss of packages (less than 5%). They play a role in the GSM termination that is no less important than the sim box detection solution. But how to check whether the Internet network you will use meets the requirements for traffic termination? There are special tools - speed-tests and the ping-tests to test the Internet connection.

We have collected 5 comfortable and affordable tools for you. With their help, you can quickly track how efficiently and effectively your network works, as well as determine the transmission speed.

1. Ookla (speed-test & ping-test)

Ookla is an online service that allows you to determine the speed of data transmission, as well as additional parameters for assessing the quality of the Internet network - loss of voice traffic packages, ping, and jitter.

More than 150 million checks are made via Ookla monthly. It is considered the world standard in the field of evaluating the quality of Internet connection. Access to service functions can be obtained not only from desktop devices, but also through mobile iOS / Android platforms.

2. Bandwidth Place Internet Speed Test

This is a simple service with an intuitive interface that allows you to test the network quickly. It provides data on key indicators of the quality of the Internet - the download speed, ping, and jitter.

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3. Testmy.net

The service is marketed as the one that provides extremely accurate information about the quality of your Internet connection, which is often at odds with official data providers. By testing your network via using testmy.net, you get figures on the upload speed and download speed. There is also a database by countries, in which you can find information about the cities that provide the highest speed internet access.

4. MySpeed from Visualware

Having a quick registration, you will have access not only to the standard data for evaluating network quality, but also to the tools of traffic simulation of different types – VoIP, Video, IPTV, and so on, which are very useful for terminators. The results of the test will automatically be reduced to a comfortable table with statistics. However, you can connect to assess the internet connection only in Europe and the USA.

5. OnSIP VoIP Test

The service is similar to the previous one. It also provides tools to simulate different types of traffic. With it, you can quickly check if one or another network fit for the GSM termination business.

Using the tools offered by us, you can choose the provider who will provide you with high-quality Internet services. Accordingly, you can greatly increase the productivity of your activities in the field of VoIP termination.

If the quality of the internet connection in the country where you plan to place the gateways, is poor, we have a solution. You can order the SBO-module from GoAntiFraud, to optimize bandwidth. Using it, you can have the Internet traffic compressed three times, and the voice quality remains at the proper level.

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