7 Tips for Beginners in the Telecommunications Business
7 Tips for Beginners in the Telecommunications Business
23-Nov-2016 15:54

7 Tips for Beginners in the Telecommunications Business

Business in the telecommunications sector is one of the most profitable in the world. Start-up in this field will allow you to earn a lot of money, but only if you handle it competently. Opening their own business, many entrepreneurs make mistakes, which are harmful to their business. The main reason for this is simple - lack of the necessary experience.

This is especially true for the telecommunications business, as this area is very specific, and it is difficult to immediately understand. We have prepared for you seven tips that will be useful for a successful start. Tips are targeted primarily at those who have decided to invest in VoIP GSM termination.

1. Think big, start small

Starting a GSM termination business, you do not have to buy a lot of multi-channel equipment. It is not advisable, because all devices and all the ports are not going to be involved in the traffic landing. At first, it would be enough to install several gateways equipped with 1, 4, 8 channels for one direction. They would be enough to terminate the amount of traffic that a company-originator will provide to start. In the future you will be able to expand your business when you get your bearings.

2. Technical support

By installing the goip 4 that you can buy here, you are going have to deal with the equipment configuration problem. Furthermore, in the process of doing business, you will periodically need to do maintenance. Therefore, we recommend that you pre-enlist the support of professionals. Skilled technicians can fix any problem in the system. Note that he should not only understand the VoIP technology, but also have experience in the field of GSM termination.

3. Think about finding customers beforehand

The terminator’s client is the originator company, which provides GSM traffic for the final termination. You need to think in advance where to look for customers. For this purpose there are specialized forums, where transit operators place their proposals. You can also agree to cooperate with the originators in social networks.

GoAntiFraud customers do not experience difficulties in finding their clients. We provide contacts of verified originators, ready to deliver traffic to land in different directions.

Are you interested in VoIP technology? Are you looking for a reliable start-up in the telecommunications sector? You will be interested in the opportunity to start a GSM termination business. You can get the maximum profit making the minimal investment! We offer a turnkey GoAntiFraud solution for beginners, which includes opportunities for efficient VoIP termination, as well as a set of equipment by GoIP, EjoinTech & China Skyline at low cost.

4. Think about competitors

Do not forget that there are competitors - the other terminators who also offer their services. In order to have a stable income, you need to stand out from competitors. Provide your routs with good quality, reaching a high ACD and ASR performance. The average duration of calls should be as long as possible, and the number of short and zero calls - as little as possible. To do this, you need time to top up your SIM-cards, provide an excellent internet connection and a good GSM signal.

5. Do not be afraid to take risks

Doing business, you should always take risks, especially when it comes to telecommunication business. Do not be afraid to invest big sums of money - with the right approach, it will result in a solid profit in the future.

6. Keep expanding

Over time, expand your business by buying new equipment, not only sip gsm gateways, but SIM-banks to store numerous SIM-cards and control gateways remotely. Find new, more promising directions to terminate international calls.

7. Do not skimp on safety issues

The safety issue is one of the most important for terminators. Provide your SIM-cards the protection against being locked by operators. Also pay attention to the safety of your equipment. It is known the gateway location can be determined by means of special devices and technology. To avoid it, place the devices in large cities, in places where there are large crowds. Use a VPN server for the termination of traffic. Also, do not spare money for effective solutions to ensure protection against tracking. For example, you can change the IMEI numbers of gateways and SIM-banks by connecting the equipment to GoAntiFraud.

GoAntiFraud offers you to start a profitable GSM termination business! If you are interested in VoIP technology, we will help you start your own business, yielding a stable income. By purchasing our comprehensive New Business package, you will start making money immediately! We will give you full technical support at all stages of business.
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