8 Factors That Affect the Profit from VoIP GSM Termination
8 Factors That Affect the Profit from VoIP GSM Termination
01-Feb-2017 15:53

8 Factors That Affect the Profit from VoIP GSM Termination

Business in the telecommunications sector is considered one of the most stable. It is not affected by the economic crisis and will always be profitable. But the newcomer in this industry needs to be aware of the factors that significantly affect the earnings of the terminator. With the right approach, you can avoid losses and increase your income.

Gains on GSM traffic termination depends primarily on the following factors:

  • The cost of international telecommunications services in the country

The more expensive international mobile communications in the country, where you have placed your pri voip gateway, is, the more you can earn. Since a terminator’s income depends on the difference in the cost of international and local calls, it is better off choosing the direction that provides high rates. This is mainly African countries, as well as the Balkans and the former Soviet states.

  • Prices for local calls in the country

The lower rates for local calls are, the better for the terminator it is. Cheap cellular communications is available in the CIS countries, as well as in many African countries. When buying SIM-cards, you should pay attention to the tariff plan as the tariffs for calls within the country should be the most profitable. Many operators offer prepaid packages to connect bonuses that allow you to make cheap outgoing calls.

  • The level of protection of SIM-cards against AntiFraud systems

The more SIM-cards are involved in the termination, the better off it is. When they are blocked massively by systems that monitor the sim card fraud, you have to buy new ones, which incurs additional cost. In some countries, phone numbers are blocked in a couple of hours after they have been activated, with the SIM-block to cause your business to suffer losses. We recommend that you provide an efficient simulation of human behavior in the network to bypass the antifraud systems. There are various software solutions, with which you can plausibly simulate the movement of SIM-cards in the city, generate incoming calls, send USSD requests, and so forth.

  • The quality of the internet connection

The efficiency of the termination directly depends on the quality of the Internet connection, to which the GSM gateways are connected. If it is unstable, then the calls will be short or failed. In this case, your profit will decrease. Connect your VoIP equipment to high-speed Internet, pay attention to the indicators of ping, jitter and package loss in the network. In order to have a gateway operating normally, the data rate must be at least 42 KB/s per channel.

GoAntiFraud offers great opportunities for GoIP, EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline, Topex users who do GSM termination. We provide efficient tools for the protection of SIM-cards from AntiFraud systems so your business will make more profits. You can buy a standard GoAntiFraud license or take advantage of our offers NewBusiness for beginners and Corporate Solution for GSM termination professionals.
  • Number of communication channels

The more communication channels your VoIP equipment has, the more you can earn. Use multiple gateways to terminate traffic, placing them in different parts of the city or country. You can also use multi-channel devices that have 8, 16, and 32 channels. To conveniently store SIM-cards and remotely control them, you will need a SIM-bank and SIM-server.

  • Internet Costs

Access to the Internet is one of the terminator’s business expenses, so you should pay special attention to the provider and the tariff plan you select. In some regions, internet services are expensive, due MBs charging. For such cases, there is an excellent solution – SBO that compresses traffic several times, without impairing the voice data.

  • The quality of the provided traffic

Your earnings depend on the quality of traffic that your originator provides. It happens that a lot of phone calls are short or unsuccessful, and since a terminator gets income for each minute of conversation, profit falls significantly. You should cooperate with reliable transit operators.

  • Qualified technical support

You cannot do without complete technical support. No stage of the VoIP GSM termination business can be successful without professional help. Already at the start, you will need the correct connection and adjustment of the equipment, and only a qualified technician can competently perform it. In addition, you will need support when your business is expanding, as well as at all other stages because VoIP equipment should be maintained. Otherwise, the work will stop, and you will suffer losses.

GoAntiFraud is a cloud service for both VoIP GSM termination professionals as well as for start-up entrepreneurs who have decided to start a business in this area. We offer a comprehensive solution to bypass AntiFraud systems, workflow automation and remote control over GSM gateways/SIM-banks. Our company also sells GoIP equipment by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline for businesses of all sizes.
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