How to start a remote business from scratch
How to start a remote business from scratch
17-Jul-2020 06:36

How to start a remote business from scratch


After the beginning of quarantine, remote professions have become especially relevant, which allows earning money without visiting the office. Also, more and more people are thinking about opening their own online business that can generate income even in times of crisis and in case of quarantine. We will show you how to start your own remote business from scratch.

Pros of Remote Business

  • You gain freedom and can manage your own time the way you want.
  • You do not depend on your boss and a fixed working schedule.
  • You can arrange your weekend and vacation whenever you want.
  • You are confident in the future, because online business "survives" even in difficult times – for example, during the quarantine period, because it does not need customer attendance.
  • You need a minimal start-up investment, since a remote business usually does not require an office, a sales area, or a large staff of employees.
  • You can sell a product/service to a wider audience because your customers can come not only from your city, but also from other cities/countries.
  • You get the opportunity to run business contactlessly and reduce the risk of getting COVID-19, because you will not need to meet with customers.

Ideas for a remote business

Here are some ideas for starting an online business:

  • online store;
  • online school;
  • blogging;
  • confectionery;
  • online fitness.

Choose a niche based on your own skills. For example, if you have something interesting to tell the audience, try creating your own blog. If you have professional knowledge in a particular area, start your own online courses. If you know how to bake pies, you should start selling your pastries.

7 steps for starting an online business

  1. Create a website.
  2. Promote your website, set up advertising.
  3. Find suppliers and order the first batch of products (if you open an online store)/Create the first interesting content (if it is a blog)/Prepare materials for online courses (if you open an online school)/Develop training programs (for online fitness).
  4. Think over the technical aspects of how to implement your idea. If it is online training - how you will broadcast live? If these are online courses, how will you provide access to the education resources to those who wish?
  5. Take care of delivery (if it is an online store).
  6. Rent a warehouse (for an online store).
  7. Make sure that calls can be received from the clients 24/7.

Quick start of a remote business

There is also an easier option for starting a remote business. You can start a business in telecommunications, namely in GSM termination. Our company sells ready-made business solutions, so you need a minimum of time and effort to start your business. The ready-made business package already includes everything you need – equipment, software and tools against the SIM-block.

Advantages of starting a remote business in GSM termination, in comparison with other types of online business:

  • You do not need your own website, which usually requires a lot of money to develop.
  • You don't need to advertise your services, which also costs money and time.
  • You don’t need to invest in purchasing goods that can "go to waste" if no one buys them.
  • You don't need to receive calls from clients 24/7.
  • You don't need to arrange delivery of goods.
  • You don't need to hire employees.

All you need for a start is to install VoIP equipment, agree on the delivery of traffic (we give contacts of reliable companies) and start "grounding" calls using special software (included in the set in our business packages). For more detailed information, leave a request.

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