The Main Types of IP Telephony Equipment
The Main Types of IP Telephony Equipment
13-May-2016 14:34

The Main Types of IP Telephony Equipment

Ten years ago, wired and wireless telecommunication technology successfully coexisted with each other, each in its own niche. However, a serious competitor - VoIP-telephony suddenly came into being. This "rival" of traditional forms of communication proved to be quite dangerous, as it provided an opportunity to make long-distance and international calls at significantly lower rates. The specialip telephony equipment made it possible to "implement" this technology both in stationary and in mobile voice communication zones, providing high-quality communication between subscribers of the first and second lines. At the same time, there is a separate category of subscribers, who communicate with each other exclusively through VoIP.

The IP-phone as part of a VoIP system

The VoIP-telephony transmits voice traffic between computers, landlines and mobile phones, as well as special ip phones. A traditional analog machine can easily be converted to the IP-device using the VoIP ATA adapter that is connected to a device input and an internet jack.

As a rule, the IP-phone has a wired or wireless input/output, or a built-in analog modem. It connects to the Internet by the service provider and then is registered with the operator providing IP-telephony services, with the device to get its login and password.

This technology does not require a specialized device. You can install a specialized program that simulates the IP-phone while connecting the headset with a microphone to a computer. This software is called Soft Phone. The user can download this program from an online VoIP-telephony provider and register as well.

The popular variation Soft Phone is a two-mode GSM/VoIP phone that is used for both cellular communication and voice traffic in IP-networks.

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The organization of communication through online networks involves the special-purpose equipment - gateway ip telephony. The general principle of its operation is as follows: the gateway is connected to a telephone line to make a connection with any telephone of the world while it is still connected to IP-based networks so it can connect to any computing device in the world. The gateway operates in the following sequence:

  • The receiving of the telephone signal;
  • Digitization of the data;
  • "Compression" of voice traffic;
  • Breaking information into packages;
  • Sending a signal via the IP-network using the IP-protocol.

The procedure for data packages that come from the IP-network to the VoIP-gateway takes place in reverse order. The synchronous signal coming to the network and out of it provides a complete telephone conversation. One gateway can have many channels of communication as it is designed for many SIM-cards.

So-called IP-PBXs, combining VoIP-gateway functions and a standard PBX Now are currently quite popular. Using this equipment, you can organize IP-telephony without the use of a conventional automatic telephone exchange, thus saving on the purchase of additional equipment.

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