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Organization of the Call Center Using VoIP-technologies


Today's companies have an unwritten standard that carriers must answer 80% of the calls of customers in less than 20 seconds to provide a high level of service, which has a positive impact on business development in any segment. Today, for the organization of the call-centers VoIP technology is widely applied to allow for better communication and save a company’s budget.

A VoIP call center can be established on the basis of your own equipment, as well as through a cloud service. There are VoIP providers that offer similar services. Your call center will be connected to the gateway, which the carrier keeps in the cloud. Thus, you can save on the purchase of equipment. You will only have to make a monthly payment for the use of the service.

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The components of the call center

To create a call-center based on VoIP using your own equipment, you need the following items:

  • IP-PBX can be hardware or software, with every VoIP-system device connected to it. The software option has become increasingly popular because it is a convenient and budget solution. An excellent alternative to expensive hardware solution will be 3cx voip software or Asterisk, which combines all the functions of classical IP-PBX.
  • VoIP-gateways provide connection of telephone lines with the VoIP call center. GSM gateways are used to connect the mobile phone numbers, with analog communication numbers employing gateways with FXS ports.
  • Equipment for taking calls directly. Such devices should be installed on each operator's workplace. There are 2 options - IP-phones and softphones. The latter provides a software solution based on SIP technology that can be connected to a computer or a smartphone. To use softphones, you should have a special-purpose VoIP-headset.

Features of the VoIP call center

An up-to-date voip call center software can provide multiple functions that are useful for your business, including

  • Call forwarding;
  • The voice menu;
  • Call queuing;
  • Distribution of incoming calls among operators;
  • Recording conversations with clients and others.

The VoIP call-center has another advantage over the traditional one. It can be arranged remotely, providing a connection to the remote equipment. No matter where your employees are, they only need the Internet to connect to the call center.

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