05-Jul-2016 14:49

Advantageous MTN Packages for GSM Termination in Ghana


In 2010, several mobile operators received permission to work in Ghana. Among them are two of the largest mobile providers - MTN and Vodafone. Competition between them has contributed to the serious development of the telecommunications market, including GSM termination.

Ghana is a country favorable for investment in termination, as international calls are expensive, while big amounts of traffic are handled. The terminator should find the best plan for a successful business.

Make more money doing the GSM termination in Ghana! GoAntiFraud will enable you to protect the SIM-card from the fast lock and computerize workflows to save time. We provide professional assistance in setting termination logic to the peculiarities of your country, so you can get more profit!

MTN packages are the best for the landing calls to Ghana. This mobile operator is the most popular among the local population. Its services are in demand among the 12 million inhabitants. MTN offers 2 prepaid packages - "So Cool" and "MTN Zone". The second one is designed for favorable international calls but it is advisable to use So Cool for the termination of voice traffic. One minute call in the MTN network operator charges $0.027, $0.033 for calling to the numbers of other operators.

Thus, the terminator will have to spend about $65 a day for the 5-hour smooth operation of an 8-channel GSM Gateway. Landing calls to other mobile operators will cost about $80. Over a month you will have to spend from 1,300 to 1,600 dollars. You should also include about $30 for new SIM-cards for the termination, while the average lifespan is 7 days.

Using the So Cool package from MTN for GSM traffic termination, you can make about $9,300-9,500 per month if you operate an 8-channel gateway for 5 hours a day.

For profitable VoIP GSM termination in Ghana , you need a complete solution for the productive performance of your equipment. We invite you to take advantage of opportunities of GoAntiFraud to start making more money! At your disposal you will have efficient tools to extend the lifespan of SIM-cards, software to computerize operations with SIM-cards, personal account to remotely control all the equipment from anywhere in the world.

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