18-Aug-2016 12:20

GSM Termination Prospects in Tajikistan

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Recently terminators have been embracing new countries. On the one hand, there is a risk of losing money due to poor communication or hard antifraud, on the other hand, lack of competition allows them to earn income comparable with the budget of a small town.

Today, many visitors to forums ask the question whether it is worth terminating in Tajikistan. It is well known that poverty in the country exceeds many of the indicators in the CIS. In addition, 93% of the territory is covered by mountains and only 7% are a useful area suitable for living. At the same time, the population in Tajikistan is growing but more jobs and decent wages are not expected in the near future. The unemployment rate rose to 3.2% in the last 2 years.

As a result, Tajikistan has the highest percentage of population migration in the CIS. Large population growth at a population density of 60.19 people per km² and prospects for further increases in these indicators suggests that people of able-bodied age will continue to go to work and study in other countries. This means that Tajikistan is one of the most promising countries for the call terminated most migrant workers, who earn in other countries, call home to their loved ones.

If you are just starting your way in GSM termination - start it with GoAntiFraud! For beginners, we offer a complete NewBusiness solution that includes a set of necessary VoIP equipment and software for automation of business processes and proven tools to protect against AntiFraud systems. Over 2,000 customers in 31 countries have succeeded in the GSM termination using our service. You can become one of them!

According to the Deputy Chief of Department for Combating cybercrime, Firuz Odinayev, loss of mobile operators has amounted to $318 million in recent years due to the termination. This fact completely confirms the truth that with the right approach, it is beneficial to do termination in Tajikistan. The trend of demand for landing calls in the country has increased over the past 2 years. It reached its peak in June/July 2016 when there was the greatest number of applications to terminate GSM traffic.

It is not difficult to calculate the profit on call terminated Tajikistan. Supply for traffic ranges from 15 to 70 K, while the proposed price of the final termination is up to $0.1328 a minute. "T-Sel" packages "Aҷoib 2016" (outgoing on-net), “Next 2016” (outgoing to "Tsell") and "Double Unlimited" are most suitable for termination of calls, with a minute of call being $ 0.01.

With an average volume of 4K, revenue per gateway channel will be $4,912 per month. Moreover, skilled terminators use 16-32 channel gateways connecting up to 200 SIM-cards in the SIM-bank. Then VoIP cost of the above income increases, equivalent to the number of channels.

It should be noted that many newcomers have to face operators’ strict Antifraud, instantly locking SIM-card of the subscribers that behave suspiciously. In order to bypass Antifraud , VoIP equipment should be connected to GoAntiFraud service. It provides the algorithm automatically taking into account all options to disguise the equipment from the antifraud. Accordingly, GoAntiFraud allows saving on the SIM-cards blocked and increasing the GSM termination capacity tenfold.

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