12-Sep-2016 08:55

Forwarding Calls among 16-channel Gateways


Most of the users, who switch to VoIP telephony, prefer to connect gateways and set up forwarding among them. This is convenient because calls from customers are always available, regardless of the device location.

At the same time, such connections can be instable and operate incorrectly when forwarding calls. For example, when connected to Asterisk and two 16-channels gateways calls can be held with the system suspended. It's quite expensive for the companies, whose activities depend on attracting new customers and the advice provided by telephone.

Incoming calls to the gateway are transit, so experienced users eliminate all the communication problems either via the chain of connections or by replacing the equipment. The main reason may be an incorrect connection of the gateways and incorrect configuration of their H.323 protocols.

To eliminate errors, experienced users experiment by connecting the fast start parameters differently, by choosing a codec, for example - G711 Alaw. The alternative option is search and additional enabling of tunnels of the messages via H.245, with connections 1.2.4 Others # Fast Connect Use, Do not use and the support logfile = / var / log / asterisk / ooh323logfile.log. As a rule, by means of the above inclusions, the situation can be corrected. If forwarding is still not successful, you have to explore the settings and update the data in the Sip Gateways.

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At the same time, some employers are trying to protect themselves from such problems and connect the PBX using the scheme: CO line telefona-> gateway -> redirected to the employee carrying out the correct equipment setting.

When forwarding from SIP, the gateway equipped with the PSTN port and the SPA-3000 is usually connected, with IP-PBX connected to other numbers. The principle is the connection to the ATS-> transfer to the SPA-3000 gateway, VoIP GSM, Sip GSM gateway or other equipment with 16 channels.

Sometimes terminators acquire several options in one, for example, AddPac with integrated interfaces of VoIP, GSM, FXO and FXS. In addition, IP-phones are bought along with these devices, with the system to be modeled.

Regardless of the type of connections, forwarding between two IP 16-channel gateways provides many advantages, allowing you to receive and make calls via multiple channels.

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