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Internet connection Requirements for Successful GSM Termination

The termination gsm business is impossible without a stable and high-speed Internet connection. This is the main condition to get profits, on a par with good equipment and efficient tools of protection against AntiFraud. There are some internet requirements that will ensure the successful termination of calls when using goip elastix or other PBX.

Internet Connection Quality Criteria

  • High speed data transfer. You should provide internet speed from 42 kilobytes per second for one channel to have a GSM gateway operating steadily for several hours a day. Accordingly, if you have an 8-channel gateway, the speed should be 336 kb/s.
  • Low ping. Ping is the latency in the network that occurs when you transmit data over the Internet. To successfully terminate calls, the ping value must not exceed 500 ms. Otherwise, SIM-cards will not have time to answer the GSM-antenna. In addition, there will be a "delay" in the sound that will interfere the normal telephone conversation.
  • Low jitter. "Jitter" means a digital signal jitter, i.e. unwanted random variations in the signal transmission. This is another type of delay, which affects the communication quality. The maximum allowable value of jitter is 150 milliseconds.

It is necessary to take into account the loss of traffic packages. It should be no more than 5%, or VoIP-signal will be transmitted incorrectly, and the call will be short. You can use special tools to check these settings for your network.

Connect to GoAntiFraud to obtain solid income in GSM termination. GoAntiFraud provides an opportunity for you to run a profitable business using efficient tools to simulate human behavior on the network. We can help you customize the logic of termination in accordance with the features of your country, in order to minimize risks of SIM-block.

Speed-test/ping-test to check the Internet connection

We offer you a selection of tools to promptly monitor the quality of the network operation and transmission of VoIP-signal.

  • Ookla is an online service that allows you to determine the speed of the network (using the speed test), as well as traffic package loss, ping and jitter values (using the ping test).
  • Bandwidth Place Internet Speed Test is a simple online service for network testing. One click gives you a list of the most important parameters: transmission speed, ping, and jitter.
  • MySpeed by Visualware. The main advantage of this service is the ability to simulate different types of traffic: VoIP, IPTV, Video, etc. The tool allows you to quickly determine whether a particular network is suitable for VoIP GSM termination.

To terminate the voice traffic successfully and get a stable income, you can connect the equipment to GoAntiFraud. Our servers are located around the world to provide customers with a minimum ping for a normal operation of gateways and SIM-banks. If your Internet is unstable, we can connect your equipment to the Open VPN personal server. In the event of disruptions in the network, GSM gateways and SIM-banks do not have to be re-connected to GoAntiFraud since devices automatically connect to the server again.

Do you want to start a GSM termination business? We offer you a turnkey solution for beginners - a comprehensive package that includes the tools to protect the SIM-cards from blocking, equipment produced by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline, as well as a handy software to computerize the operation.

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