26-Sep-2016 08:49

Substitution of IMEI in Dinstar GSM Gateways


Substitution of IMEI (unique identification number of the device) allows the terminator to successfully get past AntiFraud systems. If the GSM gateway does not perform this function, your service provider ill suspect the use of numerous SIM-cards under the same IMEI.

After all, the real user cannot use the phone for 4, 8, 16 or 32 numbers. Even those devices that support the simultaneous operation of two SIM-cards have two assigned numbers for identification.

Chinese Dinstar GSM gateways have a built-in function to change IMEI. However terminators face difficulties when they try to use it. Despite the fact that the official website of the manufacturer indicates the possibility of substituting your IMEI number in dinstar gsm gateways. In fact, the function is not implemented in the device setup menu.

VoIP GSM termination can bring you a lot of profit if the SIM-cards are provided with reliable protection against blocking . Proven GoAntiFraud tools can simulate human behavior in GSM networks for efficient disguise from Antifraud of mobile operators.

The identification number of the equipment can be changed through the console. To get to the IMEI settings menu, you need to click on the link http: //, where is the IP-address of your GSM gateway. In this menu, you can change the number without problems.

To use the dinstar imei change function, you should in advance generate an IMEA. For this purpose there are special softare solutions - calculators and IMEI generators that automatically create device identification numbers in accordance with the prescribed format. Typically, these programs use the first digits of real handsets, replacing only the last ones.

However, the generation of numbers often occurs randomly, i.e. generated IMEIs do not exist. Of course, their application via gateways can cause suspicion among mobile operators and will help them track the GSM termination. To solve this problem, you can connect your equipment to GoAntiFraud.

GoAntiFraud service offers proven tools for the simulation of human behavior in GSM networks, including efficient change of IMEI. At your disposal there is the real number base, assigned to the real phones. The system automatically assigns a specific IMEI to each SIM-card, and the number remains assigned even when the cards are unloaded from and loaded into the slots.

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