11-Oct-2016 09:05

Opportunities for VoIP Termination in East Africa: Tanzania


East Africa is particularly attractive for the termination of voice traffic as it has high prices for international calls but low rates for local calls at the same. Using a gsm voice gateway, you can redirect a voip call to the GSM format and make money on a difference.

For example, in Rwanda, a voip minute costs $0.22, and a local call is charged with a maximum of 10 cents per minute. However, this country has recently hardened GSM termination tracking by mobile operators and the state. Huge loss of cellular companies, due to the termination of calls, led to the fact that the country uses the International Gateway Traffic Verification System to minimize fraud. This system will be implemented throughout the region but it is only planned so far. Therefore, terminators are trying to earn in other countries of East Africa where there is the more loyal attitude to the VoIP GSM termination.

The average call termination rates in Tanzania are about $0.17, with the ability to make local calls from 2 cents per minute. At the same time, it applies not such hard antifraud like Rwanda does. The country’s Ministry of Communications is concerned about traffic termination, but has not yet taken concrete measures to combat this type of business. In the future there are plans to introduce restrictions on the acquisition of SIM-cards with one individual but until then you may well try to make money in Tanzania.

Demand for the final termination of calls in the country is high enough. On the specialized forums, you can find a lot of offers from transit companies. The average amount of live traffic, for which the originators are willing to buy a given direction, is about 8,000 minutes a day. This demand suggests that you can make big profits doing VoIP termination in Tanzania.

Connect to GoAntiFraud to obtain solid income in GSM termination. GoAntiFraud provides an opportunity for you to run a profitable business using efficient tools to simulate human behavior on the network. We can help you customize the logic of termination in accordance with the features of your country, in order to minimize risks of SIM-block.

By African standards, the country has a very large population - more than 55.5 million people. As of 2015, mobile coverage was 65% in the country. Accordingly, there is a lot of GSM traffic focused in the country.

  • Vodacom (more than 12 million users);
  • Airtel (10 million subscribers);
  • Tigo (over 9 million subscribers);
  • Zantel (almost 2 million subscribers).

Terminating 8K minutes daily by means of a 16-channel VoIP GSM Gateway (about 8 hours a day), you can make a profit of about 20 thousand dollars a month. Of course, a very important condition for stable earnings is the effective protection of SIM-cards against the antifraud systems.

You can connect your GoIP, Topex or Skyline equipment to GoAntiFraud. This will minimize the blocking of cards and thus reduce your business costs. In addition to the masking from the antifraud, we offer the automation of work processes, the various modules to enhance the efficiency of termination, assistance in finding originators, and other.

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