2017 Telecommunications Market Forecasts
2017 Telecommunications Market Forecasts
23-Dec-2016 15:46

2017 Telecommunications Market Forecasts


2016 came to a close, it is time to draw conclusions and make predictions for 2017. Analyst firm "Economist Intelligence Unit" has produced a forecast for the global telecommunications market in the next year. The forecasts made by the research division are based on the latest data and deep analysis of industry trends.

We have selected a few statements about the development of the telecommunications market in 2017, which may be of interest to owners of pri voip gateways or other GSM gateways.

  • Telecommunication companies will be looking for new sources of revenue in 2017

Next year, the profits from traditional communication services will decline, largely due to the growing demand for mobile internet.

  • Mobile penetration will continue to grow in most countries

Subscribers of mobile operators increase more and more every day as users increasingly prefer smartphones to desktop devices.

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  • GSM operators will develop 4G infrastructure

Demand for mobile Internet is growing, so, in 2017, mobile operators will improve the 3G and 4G coverage in remote areas.

  • Operators will invest in 5G research

GSM operators are making big bets on the development of 5G networks, investing a lot of money in research. The majority of market players foresee the 5-year time horizon for the evolution of 5G technologies.

  • In June 2017 roaming prices will fall

The national and regional authorities will place pressure on operators, seeking to ensure the competitiveness of the mobile market. The European Union is on its way to create a single digital market, which will gradually reduce roaming tariffs.

For owners of the voip gateway server, that are engaged in GSM traffic termination, the second forecast is very promising. The more developed the cellular market is, the greater the chance to capitalize on terminating the international GSM traffic.

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