10 World's Largest Telecommunications Companies
10 World's Largest Telecommunications Companies
07-Sep-2017 14:29

10 World's Largest Telecommunications Companies


The telecommunications industry is developing more and more every year, meeting the growing users' needs in telephone and Internet connections around the world. New technologies allow GSM operators, VoIP call providers, and Internet service providers to significantly expand the customer base. We have prepared for you a list of the 2017 largest telecommunications companies.

The list of the world's largest providers of communications and the Internet includes companies with a market value of more than $50 billion. The rating includes 10 telecommunications companies:

  • China Mobile

It serves users in China and is the world's market leader. The number of connections reaches more than 849 million. The market value is 215.3 billion dollars.

  • Verizon Communications

It is the largest telecommunications company in the United States. The market value is 191.72 billion dollars. Today it provides services in 150 countries.

  • AT & T

It is the second largest telecommunications company in the United States as its market value is estimated at 245.58 billion dollars. The company provides voice services in 200 countries and serves more than 34,000 Wi-Fi access points. The number of connections is more than 355 million.

  • Vodafone Group

The company is headquartered in the UK, serving about 44 million cellular subscribers. The market value is 68.41 billion dollars. The company operates in 26 countries.

  • Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation

The company was founded in Japan. Its market value is estimated at 86.13 billion dollars. It provides high-speed Internet fiber optic connection.

  • Softbank Group

The Japanese telecommunications company provides mobile communication services and broadband Internet access. The market value is 81.45 billion dollars. It owns 80% of the shares of Sprint, an American operator.

  • Deutsche Telecom

It serves more than 100 million cellular subscribers and operates in 50 countries. This German company's market value is estimated at $76.11 billion.

  • Telefonica S.A.

This Spanish company provides services in 21 countries around the world. Most clients are concentrated in Latin America. The market value is 52.85 billion dollars. It operates under different brands: Vivo, O2, and Movistar.

  • America Movil

The company is based in Mexico and accounts for more than 363.5 million connections. It provides mobile communications services to 280.6 million users worldwide. It also specializes in fixed communication, broadband Internet access, and television services. The market value is 49.38 billion dollars.

  • China Telecom

It is a state-owned company in China that provides fixed, mobile, and broadband services. The number of connections is more than 194 million. Its market value is $309.16 billion.

Many of the above companies provide mobile services in different parts of the world. Terminators can successfully use the above companies' SIM-cards to terminate GSM traffic in a particular country.


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