16-Feb-2016 11:01

Comparing the Traffic Volume for VoIP termination


It's no secret that profits of a VoIP-operator depends on the VoIP traffic volumes that a terminator handles. No matter how high the per-minute billing is, when traffic volumes are low, the profits may not even pay for the equipment.

Among the promising areas of the Middle East with the sufficient traffic volume, we have decided to consider four countries: Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan. Uzbekistan of the four countries occupies the optimum place with the highest traffic volume for gsm gateways termination . The volume of the incoming flow in Uzbekistan varies from 40 to 100 thousand minutes. At peak times, the demand can reach up to 200k.

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The second place is shared by Azerbaijan and Afghanistan. In Azerbaijan, a terminator can get a considerable profit even if the flow is 60k minutes gsm over IP , primarily due to the flexible tariffs of mobile operators. The average range varies from 30k to 90k minutes.

Approximately the same situation with the flow in Afghanistan. Alas, unlike Azerbaijan, this country does not offer low prices for the Internet and communication. Accordingly, terminators’ profits are significantly less. You will have to put up with the lowest yields in Armenia because of high prices for the Internet. However, the terminators can get the high volume of 370k minutes in Armenia.

More about rates and traffic amount in this countries here.

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