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The quality of the Internet for VoIP termination in Egypt

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Despite the fact that international fiber optic lines, which link Europe and the Middle East, are installed in Alexandria itself, the quality of the Internet in Egypt is poor. Internet access in Egypt is one of the most expensive in the world, and its speed (because of the weak lines of communication within the country) could hardly live up to the needs of terminators, who use GoIP gateways.

The quality of the Internet left much to be desired for a long time because of the authoritarian policies of Hosni Mubarak, who sought to keep track of the people’s activity in the network. Accordingly, at some point, even Skype was banned in the country.

Nevertheless, VoIP GSM termination in Egypt found its way to develop. In particular, to save on payment of Internet traffic, SBO systems are widely used in Egypt. So is a cheaper version of the GoAntiFraud module to optimize traffic, which reduces the Internet traffic up to 3 times.

Want to start the GSM termination business in Egypt ? We offer you NewBusiness package for beginners, which will ensure you have a successful start. The solution from GoAntiFraud includes the necessary VoIP equipment, tools to protect against the SIM-block, as well as software to computerize the operation and remote control over GSM gateways.

Major ISPs in Egypt are Telecom Egypt, NetSysCom, Connect Business Development. Telecom Egypt is a monopolist. Naturally, it is connected to the main fiber optic cable installed in Alexandria, which provides it with the bitrate up to 8 Mb/s and 11.3 million subscribers. The Internet bitrate of all of these providers is identical ranging from 128 Kb/s to 8 Mb/s at an average cost of $ 19.16.

The only provider that could interest VoIP terminators and provide large volumes of traffic is LINKdotNET. It can provide your VoIP GSM system with 16 Mb/s, dizzying for Egypt.

More about GSM-operators for termination in Egypt here.

However, no matter which Internet provider terminators choose, they all still have to put up with unnecessarily high prices for little speed in the network. The only consolation is SBO or traffic optimization by means of GoAntiFraud .
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