VoIP Business: Challenges and Solutions
VoIP Business: Challenges and Solutions
29-Oct-2021 13:50

VoIP Business: Challenges and Solutions

When starting a VoIP termination business, difficulties may arise that are difficult to solve on your own.

This is the frequent SIM-blocking by GSM operators’ AntiFraud system, Complicated GSM gateways configuration, and support, no special software to monitor the equipment operation, need for technical educated employees, poor business organization.

Starting a business with Goantifraud will help you avoid these difficulties. The main benefits of starting a business with Goantifraud.

  • Extend the lifetime of sim-cards

GoAntiFraud can extend the lifetime of SIM cards using the wide logic setup functionality. Once you select the correct logic parameters, you will reduce the cost of purchase of new SIM cards and raise your profits from VoIP GSM termination.

  • Simulation of human behavior

The service provides broad functionality to disguise SIM cards from operators’ AntiFraud systems. You can customize the behavior of your cards in accordance with all the parameters of humanity that GSM operators use when detecting GSM terminators.

  • Automation of your work

The service provides flexible functionality to customize the activity of SIM cards in the GoIP equipment. Once you create an operation pattern, you can save time on daily, routine activities: all you have to do is periodically load new SIM cards in the SIM pool.

  • Statistics and monitoring

GoAntiFraud allows you remotely monitor the performance of all your GoIP gateways from a single account and automatically organizes the information on the operation of each channel and SIM card in your system.

How to start your business with Goantifraud

Register your free 7 days trial and take all the advantages of GoAntiFraud from start.

Get the easy-to-understand scalable service. And take a quick start in one day.

Access to all GoIP equipment via single user account without using additional applications from any device that provides access to the Internet.

On any question, we’ll provide you with 24/7 information and technical support. Regardless of your location or time zone, our experts are always in touch to promptly advise you. Because time is money.

Our customers operate in 31 countries, making it possible for us to quickly adapt the business for GSM termination specifics in your area.

We have direct partnerships with gateways manufacturers, so we can guarantee good quality of the delivered equipment and professional technical support.

Start UP Light - $1300
If you purchase the START UP LIGHT package, you can get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
Start UP - $1900
If you purchase the START UP package, you can get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
DeLuxe - $5600
By purchasing the DELUXE package, you get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
DeLuxe Plus - $6700
By purchasing the DELUXE package, you get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
Ultimate - $10500
You are welcome to buy the ULTIMA package and get your equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...

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