What the Terminator Should Know about Buying SIM-cards
What the Terminator Should Know about Buying SIM-cards
16-Jun-2016 08:59

What the Terminator Should Know about Buying SIM-cards

In order to successfully conduct GSM traffic termination business, it is important to consider all possible nuances. They are quite a lot, and of the most important one is the purchase of SIM-cards. Using gateways and SIM-banks to land calls, the terminator exposes his cards to a high load, which a mobile operator can track. It is impossible to prevent the SIM-block by AntiFraud systems if you buy the "wrong" SIM-cards.

Buying SIM-cards in different countries

To provide the maximum lifespan of voip sim cards, you should first refer to the features of their acquisition in a particular country. In some countries, numbers can be bought only if the passports are provided. There are countries where of the future cardholder date should be entered the biometric database. You cannot buy a few dozen cards per person since this will put a mobile operator on alert for VoIP GSM termination. There are few countries that provide on the purchase of SIM-cards.

Here are the countries where you can buy SIM-cards without restrictions:

  • Norway;
  • USA;
  • Canada;
  • Sweden;
  • Denmark;
  • Lithuania;
  • Romania;
  • Brazil.
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The problem of the use of anonymous SIM cards

However, you do not have to buy many anonymous cards for GSM traffic termination. At high load, it would expose them to the risk of close monitoring by the AntiFraud systems. It is better to buy SIM-cards issued to real people.

But where can you get them? You may have a friend or hire people to buy SIM-cards. There are dealers that provide services on wholesale of cards. They can be found on specialized forums or social networks, thus solving the problem of the lack of SIM-cards for termination. The ideal option would be to buy the cards, which have already been used in the GSM-network. This minimizes risks of tracking by AntiFraud systems, which mainly monitor only activated SIM cards.

Similar numbers as a sign of termination

One more important thing: it is not recommended to buy identical numbers with different last digits. It will provoke the mobile operator’s attention to your SIM-cards and reduce the duration of their lifespan for sure. You should also remember that the activation of similar number, "one by one" is considered to be a clear sign of wholesale voip termination.

Your competent approach to buying SIM-cards will allow you to extend their service life, and thereby provide a large amount of traffic.

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