31-Mar-2016 08:30

Setting up the VoIP GSM Termination Business Solution


The vehicle between the VoIP network and GSM is the GOIP-equipment , as the most important tool in the VoIP GSM termination, which makes it possible to connect where phone lines are not available.

Buying a GoIP gateway, the terminator gets the equipment with a limited manufacturer interface. Afterwards, he will need a competent and meticulous setup. Unfortunately, many advanced users believe that they will save money and cope with the launch of the VoIP-system on their own.

However, in practice, it is a big waste of time and money. An inexperienced terminator cannot avoid errors when he carries out connection independently, since he cannot consider every details of the settings, especially those of the multi-channel device. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the terminator will do it correctly and the system will not have to be reinstalled from scratch.

GoAntiFraud is a brand new high-performance system, which is specially developed as a universal the VoIP GSM termination solution. Reputed experts carry out precise and correct connection of the system. They can quickly install and configure the GoIP-equipment as well as carefully double-check the performance of each channel. In addition to hardware, GoAntiFraud provides special software that will allow the system to run smoothly and in auto mode.

All associated settings and maintenance of the equipment will take our experts no more than 15 minutes, while it would take you at least 2 days to understand the system. For example, our experts can carry out a complicated equipment configuration, including RTP and SIP protocols, encryption, in just a few clicks via GoAntiFraud. They select the most suitable version of firmware for a particular GoIP gateway model. That is what you cannot do without for the efficient VoIP GSM termination.

After the settings are in place, you'll immediately be able to start your own VoIP GSM termination business. Moreover, cooperating with GoAntiFraud, you can increase your profits several times. The service will help set up the SIM-lock protection logic, adapt to the specifics of the country you terminate in and allows spending less on replacement SIM-cards in the future.

By the way! Subscribers can control the entire VoIP GSM system remotely using devices based on iOS and Android. Tracking software can be installed on any mobile device to facilitate the VoIP GSM termination business.

The GoAntiFraud experts have studied all the requirements and complexity of the VoIP market using the experience of many terminators. As a result, they have created and developed a perfect and unique resource for the successful start of the VoIP termination business. Only cooperation with GoAntiFraud will allow starting a business at a monthly cost of as little as $830 and gaining the profit from $2,000 to $4,000. We cooperate with more than 2,000 terminators. Their success guarantees our efficiency!

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