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Using VoIP Cards


When arriving in another country, people do not know how to call inexpensively to their relatives since prices of ordinary telephone communication and GSM leave much to be desired. In order to avoid this, you should use VoIP-communication. Many terminators recommend installing gateways and call any country or city at local rates. However, not everyone in a foreign country has access to the computer/Internet. In addition, communication in many areas is not always stable.

In this case, you need to buy a VoIP card from a local provider. Using it, you can always call cheaply abroad. A local provider, providing access to services through a server, carries out payment using cards. The only important thing is access to an ordinary telephone or GSM. You should not worry that you will receive bills for international calls, as all the data are deleted from the card.

The phone should use a tone mode and then you should enter digits from the VoIP card, a PIN-code, and the number of the subscriber, indicating the country and city codes.

Even the grandmother, poorly versed in computers and the Internet, can use such communication. Students and seasonal workers, who go abroad for a few months, often use IP-telephony with the help of cards.

This type of communication is particularly common in North America and Western Europe. As a rule, students, tourists, seasonal workers often use VoIP cards. By the way, the tariffs to make calls to other cities and countries are affordable. For example, in the US, the average price of roaming is $3 per minute and $ 0.16 when calling from a VoIP card.

In addition, you can buy pre-paid cards and on credit. Billing is carried out in the period from the purchase of a specific number or during a call and takes into account the country and the direction. Some cards can be used to make calls from one city and you can use the cards to make calls from the different cities. To select a VoIP calling card, you should decide where, when and how often you are going to call.


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