25-May-2016 12:27

IAX protocol for VoiP Termination


IAX is one of the most popular voice internet protocol. It is mainly used for the exchange of VoIP data between IP-PBX Asterisk. The second version works with devices implementing NAT protocol.

Basic information on IAX

The first version of IAX was developed by Digium Corporation to provide data for Asterisk servers, and therefore got its name (IAX abbreviation stands for Inter Asterisk eXchange). Note that this type of the voip protocol can be used not only with Asterisk program. It is supported by various projects in the field of telecommunications, as well as many companies producing IP-telephony equipment.

A unique feature of the protocol -is that it combines several sessions to a single data stream, which provides benefits in terms of capacity when numerous channels transmit to a remote VoIP-server.

By combining, it is possible to provide multiple data streams under one datagram heading, which significantly reduces delays and decrease the requirements on computing power. In turn, this allows scaling the protocol in order to support a plurality of active channels among multiple endpoints. This is relevant for users who have a need to make numerous IP-calls between two end devices.

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An alternative IAX2 protocol

The second version of IAX was again developed by Digium for Asterisk. A prerequisite for its creation was to ensure the transmission of voice traffic in high quality in the "poor" IP-networks. The main problem, on which the developers focused to solve, was one subscriber, who kept silence during a long conversation due to the Firewall protection function that closed the alarm port. Since the data packages did not get through, the subscribers could not hear each other. To eliminate this problem, IAX 2 was designed with a single port for both transmitting voice traffic and signaling.

To date, IAX is the most simple VoIP protocol to use in the secure Internet networks.

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