China Skyline Equipment for Efficient VoIP-termination
China Skyline Equipment for Efficient VoIP-termination
27-May-2016 11:24

China Skyline Equipment for Efficient VoIP-termination

To start a new business project and make it profitable is not that difficult task if you understand what the industry is the most resistant to economic crisis. To date, the telecommunications market is this area. Mobile GSM communication and VoIP are one of the most profitable and fastest growing business sectors in which it is really worth investing.

Currently, gsm termination that involves the combination of mobile networks and the Internet is a leader in the field of start-ups. This is due to many advantages of this type of business, the principal of which is a quick return and a relatively simple operation principle. To start making money on termination voip, you do not need highly specialized knowledge in the field of IT-technologies.

The main thing that you need for a successful start is the appropriate equipment and good accompanying software. You can get good profit by buying VoIP-gateways and SIM-banks, which will together make an efficient system for VoIP-voice traffic termination. One of the most popular solutions for the organization of this business is the china skyline equipment.

Features of China Skyline VoIP-equipment

China Skyline is widely known throughout the world as a VoIP equipment brand. The product range includes:

  • GSM-gateways;
  • SMS-modems;
  • Analog gateways;
  • VoIP-adapters;
  • SIM-banks;
  • IP-phones, etc.

China voip is popular due to the moderate cost, easy installation, and stylish look. The manufacturer Shenzhen Ejoin Technology is a developer of professional equipment of China Skyline brand and has been creating efficient solutions for VoIP termination of voice traffic for more than 10 years.

High-power devices based on the SIP protocol are used for small and medium business segment in GSM termination, as well as actively used by large corporations and the IP-telephony carriers.

GoAntiFraud is compatible with the equipment produced by EjoinTech & China Skyline. You can connect your gateways and SIM-banks to the service, or buy equipment from us at a low price. For those who are just starting a GSM termination business, we offer ready NewBusiness packages, including complete sets of Ejoin Tech & China Skyline equipment.

China Skyline GSM gateways

The gateway voip china is the equipment that provides the connection of GSM and IP-based networks for voice traffic. The supplier of products offers customers gateway models designed for 1 or more channels (4, 8, 16, 32). With its low price, good quality sound and powerful functionality, China Skyline gateway is the optimal solution for today's VoIP-terminators. There are gateways that also support the function of SIM-bank. You can store several cards in one channel and use a function of SIM-rotation. This means that multiple number of SIM-cards can work in one GSM-channel by rotation.

China Skyline SIM-banks

This type of equipment is used together with a gsm voip gateway, in order to achieve simultaneous operation of SIM-cards. With the SIM-bank, the user can divide the SIM-card into separate groups for easy management, ensure alternate operation of several SIM-cards in one channel and virtual migration between multiple GSM gateways. The most popular models are devices designed for 32 and 128 channels. SIM-banks from China Skyline support SIP and H323 protocols.

China Skyline SMS-modems

This type of China Skyline equipment provides fast sending of SMS-messages. The product line includes SMS-modem models for 8, 16, 32, and 64 parallel ports.

Computerization of China VoIP-equipment

To computerize the operation of your VoIP-system for voice traffic termination, there is a specialized service called GoAntiFraud. It will allow you to have remote access to the entire installed China Skyline equipment and control it from a user's account. It is a cloud service, so it does not involve the installation of special software and a long setting process. In addition, GoAntiFraud extends the lifespan of SIM-cards used via China Skyline GSM-gateways. This function is performed by simulating the movement of cards and by other devices to prevent them from blocking by AntiFraud-systems.
Start UP Light - $1300
If you purchase the START UP LIGHT package, you can get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
Start UP - $1900
If you purchase the START UP package, you can get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
DeLuxe - $5600
By purchasing the DELUXE package, you get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
DeLuxe Plus - $6700
By purchasing the DELUXE package, you get equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...
Ultimate - $10500
You are welcome to buy the ULTIMA package and get your equipment at wholesale prices. Read more...

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