Specialized Literature on VoIP
Specialized Literature on VoIP
01-Jun-2016 09:06

Specialized Literature on VoIP

It will be useful for those who are just entering the VoIP GSM voice traffic termination to read the specialized literature, which will help them to understand the intricacies of IP-based technologies. Experienced terminators will also find voip books useful, from which they can learn valuable information about specific equipment, the use of certain Internet protocols, features to operate different programs.

We would like you to read a list of books on VoIP issues. It includes the most interesting and useful handbooks for people who are engaged in business in the field of modern telecommunication technologies.

1. VOIP for Dummies by Timothy V. Kelly

It is a book for beginners in the GSM termination, which will allow you to understand the basics of VoIP-technology. You will learn the general principles of the VoIP-system operation, basic data transfer protocols, and the benefits of using IP-telephony in the business.

You can run a profitable VoIP termination business in any country by connecting your equipment to GoAntiFraud. Our integrated solution greatly reduces risks of blocking of SIM-cards by AntiFraud systems. We also offer NewBusiness packages for beginners that provide everything necessary for a successful start, including a set of VoIP equipment by GoIP, EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline.

2. Switching to VOIP by Ted Wallingford

The book will be your handbook to help you switch from traditional landlines to modern communications IP-telephony as quickly and efficiently as possible. The book covers the following topical issues:

  • Installing the IP-PBX software;
  • Setting up VoIP-equipment;
  • Using the protocols of voice traffic transmission;
  • VoIP-system security;
  • Problems that may arise with the NAT and so on.

3. Carrier Grade Voice Over IP, Third Edition, by Richard Swale

It is the complete guide to establishing a VoIP-telephony company. It explains how to configure and control IP-system with the latest tools. You will find out which codec and protocol you should choose, how to use the video conferencing service, and how to maintain an optimal level of QoS and other. In addition, reading the book, you will be able to gather knowledge on how to troubleshoot the system.

4. Asterisk: The Future of Telephony by Jim Van Meggelen, Leif Madsen

It is a very useful termination handbook for those who want to use Asterisk for the organization of an IP-telephony. The book plainly provides information about this software PBX and explained all the details of its installation and configuration.

5. SIP Handbook: Services, Technologies, and Security of Session Initiation Protocol 1st Edition by Syed A. Ahson

The book is dedicated to the use of SIP technology for VoIP. Both beginners and experienced voice traffic terminators must read the book since it explains many topical issues concerning the most popular communication protocol.

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