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Sales representatives and resellers wanted!

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We welcome resellers and sales representatives around the world to cooperate!

Due to the rapid growth, GoAntiFraud is looking for new trading partners. You have an opportunity to make $2,000 - $3,000 a month and receive passive income from attracting new customers to the affiliate program in the future.

As a certified GoAntiFraud dealer, you can count on the interest and awards for each sold GoAntiFraud license, GoIP equipment, and EjoinTech & China Skyline equipment.

That you are going to get is:

  • $ 5 for each connected client.
  • 50% of the first license payment.
  • 10% for each subsequent month of your customer's payment.
  • The Interest in the purchase of equipment from GoIP, EjoinTech, ChinaSkyline.
  • $300 - the average amount per GoAntiFraud customer.

We perform a mandatory personal training for each representative.

You can make $2,000-3,000 a month as a GoAntiFraud sales representative in your country! Leave the application on the site, and after the free training you will receive a certificate confirming your status of an official dealer.

Free training and certification (1 month):

  • Course on sales by sales-manager of the 5-year experience.
  • Methods of search and development of the customer base.
  • Technical support specialist course.
  • Regular training webinars.
  • A comprehensive examination on the techniques of sales and customer support.
  • The certificate of the official GoAntiFraud dealer.

Moreover, in order to operate efficiently and increase your sales, GoAntiFraud provides all the necessary advertising and PR-materials, which include:

  • The GoAntiFraud manual.
  • Leaflets and templates.
  • Cases and webinars for customers.
  • Study Centre with useful articles.
Do you want GoAntiFraud to help you make money? Leave an application and become a unique sales representative in your country!
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