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The Gateway with the Built-in SIM-bank for GSM-termination

The SIM-bank is a must for every terminator, who seeks to expand his business. This device allows you to keep a lot of SIM cards, as well as perform a virtual relocation of cards among several gateways. You can move them by hand because each SIM-card slot is tied to the gateway channel. You can also use the SIM-server, special-purpose software, which transfers data on the cards to the gateway.

Today, the market offers models equipped with built-in the SIM-bank. An example of such equipment is CDMA/GSM gateways from China Skyline and Ejoin Tech. The gateway with the built-in SIM-bank is a versatile and low-end solution for GSM-termination that performs the functions of two devices.

Features of the gateways with built-in SIMPOOL

Besides converting the GSM-signal in VoIP, the devices equipped with the integrated SIM-box can store many SIM-cards by means of additional slots. Such gateways support the "rotating channel" function, that is, several cards can in turn operate in one GSM-channel. Thus, the terminator can distribute the terminated traffic among SIM-cards, reducing the load.

Using such equipment, you can also use new cards when some of them are blocked by AntiFraud systems. It will certainly save you time and increase the efficiency of GSM termination.

GoAntiFraud is compatible with the equipment produced by EjoinTech & China Skyline . You can connect your gateways and SIM-banks to the service, or buy equipment from us at a low price. For those who are just starting a GSM termination business, we offer ready NewBusiness packages, including complete sets of Ejoin Tech & China Skyline equipment.

Disadvantages of the gateway with the SIM-bank

Despite the functionality of these devices, they cannot simulate the cards moving around the city. The built-in SIMPOOL is tied to its gateway only, so it makes no sense to redistribute SIM cards among the slots.

Furthermore, when you use the gateway with integrated SIM-bank, there is a question of the terminator’s safety. In order to run the device, you will always have to keep it close; while using a separate SIM-box, GSM gateways can be located in different parts of the city. Thus, in the case of gateway detection by law enforcement agencies, you are exposed to significant risk. However, it all depends on how the law applies to the termination of traffic in a particular country.

There is an efficient solution for those who want to evaluate the functionality of China Skyline with the built-in SIM-bank, which is GoAntiFraud. It allows controlling the equipment remotely. After a simple and quick setup of the GSM gateway is done, you do not need a permanent direct access to it, which minimizes the device maintenance. By controlling the equipment from anywhere in the world, the terminators can protect themselves as much as possible.

GoAntiFraud service allows you to simulate the movement of the SIM-cards in the city, thanks to the "Road Map" function. To do this, you do not need to install additional modules or carry out the complex setup of the voip gateway; it will suffice to create the SIM card behavior patterns.

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